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Light Sources China: Cooperative Business Endeavors with Neotec UV

Awareness of environmental protection has strengthened all over the world; this has resulted in increased adoption of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems in waste water or sewage treatment plants. Asian system manufactures especially, have reported tremendous development. More and more industries prefer the use of non-chemical based disinfection methods. They recognize the substantial advantages of UV lamp technology compared to conventional methods, such as chlorine-based disinfection techniques.

The demand for Light Sources’ (LSI) UVC germicidal lamp products in Asia, primarily for amalgam lamps, has risen significantly since 2008. “Many worldwide studies have proven that UV disinfection treatments are the suggested solutions instead of conventional methods that harm our environment,” says Jessica Li, Sales Executive LSI China. “This trend goes well with the growing number of drinking water legislations supporting the use of UV lamp treatments. Both are favorable signs for the market.”

During the past three years, LSI has made considerable progress developing the South Korean market, building completely new or intensified partnerships with customers in the region. LSI China is especially proud to announce that it and Seoul-based Neotec UV, a leading manufacturer in the industry, signed a strategic agreement on March 8, 2011.Under this contract with specific terms & conditions, the companies have agreed to jointly deliver best quality systems that will further satisfy the mounting demand for non-chemical based sterilization means.

The new partnership was formed during a personal meeting in Seoul, where the LSI team conducted a profound workshop for Netoec’s R&D and engineering teams. The agenda of the workshop included discussions on the basics of third party witness validation processes, e.g. how validation affects lamp and ballast driver operation. “We also touched upon basic UV germicidal lamp knowledge and the UVC measurement protocol,” explains Karl Platzer, Vice President LSI and Managing Director LightTech, Kft. “As big supporters of the IUVA association we always stress the importance of learning about the measurement protocol. The right knowledge will enable our clients to better benchmark their performance against peers in the industry.”

At the end of a fruitful meeting and a productive workshop Neotec’s Chairman, Mr. H.T. Kim, signed the agreement between the two companies’ detailing their future business partnership. Mr. Kim was delighted to have entered a formal agent contract with LSI: “We are fully committed to representing Light Sources products and that they are recognized as the best in the market. We will definitely dedicate our efforts to gain the largest market share, and we envision tremendous mutual benefit to accrue as a result of our cooperative business endeavors.”

Finally, this partnership enables LSI to extend its presence in Asia’s emerging markets and capitalize on Neotec’s ability to provide innovative UV disinfection systems that will enhance the supply of clean water while minimizing the global threat to the environment.