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Light Sources China: Growing Market for Amalgam Lamp Technology & Internal Training Efforts

LightSources, Inc. (LSI) and its affiliated companies have always been committed to the development of their employees. Working in mature as well as evolving and rapidly growing industries, the global management team at LSI knows that a focus on people is crucial for long-term success. “Our people are the drivers for a winning performance,” says Christian Sauska, President & CEO. “We see them as innovators for our products, as nurturers of our business partnerships and as constant improvers of qualitative specialty lamp manufacturing. The ongoing professional training and education of our staff goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to our customers.”

Currently in-house trainings and teambuilding efforts in the germicidal lamp business are concentrated on LSI China. Karl Platzer, Vice President LSI and Managing Director LightTech, Kft. explains why: “Sammy Hu recently joined our China team.  Sammy will be responsible for customer service in Asia Pacific, in-house sales and product communications. We conducted targeted internal training and workshops at this time, as we want to provide a seamless transition for our customers.” In addition, the rapid growth in Asia’s municipal waste water technology market also calls for more staff education in the field of LSI’s amalgam lamp technology. “We see it as mandatory to keep our staff updated with regards to technical Q&A’s”, adds George Csoknai, Technical Director at LSI in Connecticut. “We want to augment our in-depth technical knowledge and provide all necessary tools to our team so they can assist our customers promptly and with expertise.”

In March 2011, George and Karl supported the team on-site during a 2-week partnership building and networking campaign. Both of them participated in intense workshop events with Jessica Li, Sales Executive LSI China, and Sammy. The focus was on how to excel in customer service designed around specific OEM equipment needs. The workshops also concentrated on how to deal with client’s technical questions, such as lamp usage in combination with ballast drivers.

“We really had some great internal training days and we continue to develop our well-functioning global communication,” Karl claims. “As an industry leader in many fields, we know that good communication between our locations in China, USA and Hungary is significant as it benefits our customers in the long-run. LSI’s Asian Pacific germicidal lamp business is growing at an enormous rate. Future market opportunities are vast and therefore our European and US team will continue to work diligently to support our team in China.” Jessica agrees with Karl: “Here in China we feel the ever growing global team spirit of our companies. Of course, it’s not always easy as we are all working in different time zones and furthermore we are dealing with cultural differences. However, it’s great fun to learn and grow as a worldwide team. Each player contributes in unique ways and this definitely adds to our success. Together we can create even more value-added aspects for our customers.”

Finally, Jessica and Karl expect the new Chinese drinking water legislation will be launched by mid 2012. Hence, finding the type of amalgam lamp technology that best fits the new systems to be introduced in the market will become part of LSI’s daily sales work. “Jointly with our customers, we will work out best possible solutions. Actually, we look forward to the upcoming changes and the opportunities to serve this new market successfully,” Karl concludes.