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Germicidal UVC Lamps for Sterilization & Disinfection

Because of its inherent benefits and endless possibilities, germicidal UVC technology is becoming more popular in many industries, worldwide, that require water, air and surface sterilization. It is a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution. Our products are used in units that help safeguard drinking water from harmful microorganisms, food processing plants, hospitals, HVAC applications, and in many other applications.

Air Sterilization
Germicidal UV technology is used for odor control, sterilization, and elimination of VOCs and industrial exhausts containing solvents. In some institutions, such as hospitals, air quality is crucial for health. Germicidal UV purifies the air from microorganisms that cause illness and contaminants that aggravate asthma or other respiratory ailments. The use of UVC in odor control has many applications, including wastewater plants, farms, commercial kitchens (HVAC), and food processing plants. UVC germicidal lamps are also critical in purifying the air in industries where harmful and toxic chemicals are produced, such as printing, plastics and rubber.

  • Healthcare
  • HVAC Systems (commercial, industrial, healthcare, and residential)
  • Agriculture (animal husbandry)
  • Commercial Kitchen Hooks 
  • Printing (Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl)

Surface Sterilization
UV lamps disinfect surfaces without chemicals, which is crucial in many industries. In the food industry, for example, our lamps are used for irradiation: germicidal ultraviolet light can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in seconds and can extend shelf life and nutritional value. Increasingly, UVC germicidal is used for filling equipment, conveyor belts, transport containers and working surfaces of foodstuffs.

  • Food Processing (processing, warehousing, handling, produce department,
    salad bars, buffets, bakeries, restaurants, meat cases)
  • Clean Rooms
  • School Labs
  • Biotech Industry (research labs, biotech labs, equipment sterilization,
    medical testing, bioengineering, genetics, pharmaceutical processes)
  • Agriculture (crops)

Water Disinfection
Germicidal lamps used water in many applications to create safe water include pools and spas to eliminate chlorine and its harmful and irritating effects, aqua culture, life sciences, and water treatment processes (waste water, drinking water purification, and water reclamation). Traditional ways to treat and disinfect water can be unhealthy, hazardous, and environmentally toxic. UV water treatment is safe and environmentally friendly, and, in some cases, more effective.

  • Pools & Spas
  • Aqua Culture
  • Life Sciences
  • Water Treatment (waste water, municipal and residential, drinking water,
    industrial & commercial process water, and water reclamation)
  • Ballast Water in Ships