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Handling of Broken Lamps

NEMA-Handling of broken lamps

NEMA-Proper Use and Disposal of Mercury-added Lamps 2012

Conflict Material Statement

Material Safety Data Sheets & Misc Information

RoHS and REACH Compliance Statement

Fused Quartz- Typical Properties (Type 021 & Type 214)

Safety Data Sheet LightSources Germicidal Quartz Lamps Lead Free USA 2016

Safety Data Sheet LightSources Germicidal Quartz Lamps USA 2016

Safety Data Sheet LightSources Germicidal Soft Glass Europe 2016

Safety Data Sheet LightTech Germicidal Quartz Lamps Europe 2016

Safety Data Sheet LightTech Germicidal Soft Glass Europe 2016

Education – UVC Technology

Presentation – Germicidal Lamps Basics 2013

Presentation – Germicidal Lamps Operation Basics 2016

Presentation – Germicidal Lamps Market Segments 2010 

Ballast Types for Germicidal Lamps 2013

UVC Germicidal Lamp Drawings

Drawings of Single-Ended UV Germicidal Lamps

Water Standard Quartz Drawings

Germicidal Lamp Pin Configurations, Bases & Sockets,
U-Lamp & Germipak UV Cell Lamps Drawings

Compact Lamp Proprietary Base (3D Drawing)

MultiStep Base Germicidal Lamp (3D Drawing)

Amalgam Lamp Cross Section (3D Drawing)

RPT Technology (3D Drawing)

Leaflets & Marketing Material

Catalogue 2016 (English) – UV Germicidal Lamps

Catalogue 2008 (Chinese) – UV Germicidal Lamps

Compact Lamps Brochure

Compact Lamps Leaflet

Data Sheets (Germicidal Lamp Portfolio, all)

Electronic Ballasts for UVC Germicidal Lamps

Germicidal RPT Technology FAQs

Germicidal RPT Technology Trifold

Germicidal U-Lamps

Germipak UV Cell Lamps

High Output Germicidal Lamps

LongLife+TM Technology

Shatter ProTech Technology for UVC Germicidal Lamps

Pellet Amalgam Lamps for Higher UV Intensity

Poster – HighTech Germicidal Lamps 1

Poster – HighTech Germicidal Lamps 2

Poster – HighTech Germicidal Lamps 3

Proprietary Solutions for UVC Germicidal Lamps

Ozone Lamps

Quartz Sleeves 

Customized Lamp Design Form

MPUV Lamps – Custom Lamp Design Form

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