Our proprietary Shatter ProTech shield is a cost effective solution to glass and mercury containment, adding substantial value and peace-of-mind to a wide variety of germicidal UVC applications. It protects workers, consumers, products, and the workplace against glass fragments and mercury contamination.

Additionally, Shatter ProTech shields easily and economically protect and cover a wide variety of lamp geometries (i.e., linear, circular, U-shaped, compact PL’s, etc.). They are heat and acid resistant and offer outstanding protection with minimal output loss.

Because hazardous glass and mercury waste are completely contained in breakage, Shatter ProTech meets FDA, USDA, NSF, and OSHA standards as well as the requirements of the 1999 food code.  Our covers are made with the highest-quality materials to avoid yellowing and peeling for the life of the lamp. Our high-quality covers are made with blank plastic, to prevent yellowing and peeling for the life of the lamp.  They can be sized to each client’s specific lamp measurements.


Shatter ProTech technology is used in a broad range of applications, including  air purification, municipal drinking water treatment, chemical manufacturing, freshwater and marine fish farming, silicon chip manufacturing,  and warehousing.

Special Protection for the Food Industry
Our Shatter ProTech Technology is used in food and beverage processing, grocery stores and restaurants to safeguard consumable goods, employees and customers from mercury exposure and glass shards should the lamp break. Our advanced shatter proof technology can be used to ensure safety wherever germicidal UVC lamps are implemented, such as food and beverage processing areas, produce departments, meat cases, salad bars, dessert cases,  bakeries, and restaurants.

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