Aristo Replacement Lamps

Aristo will be continuing to support the more popular replacement lamps for the Microscope and Photographic markets. As these lamps become available, they will be added to this product list.

VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 1 VCL8100 Replacement Lamps

Aristo VCL8100 Replacement Lamps
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-531: Aristo VCL8100-LO-B (Blue)
  • M2-46-532: Aristo VCL8100-LO-G (Green)
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 2 VCL4500 Replacement Lamps

Aristo VCL4500 Replacement Lamps
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-526: Aristo VCL4500-LO-B (Blue)
  • M2-46-527: Aristo VCL4500-LO-G (Green)
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 3 V56 Substage Lighting Replacement Lamp

Aristo V56 Replacement Lamp for Aristo V56 Substage light box.
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-514: Aristo V56-LO-W31, Warm white
  • M2-46-515: Aristo V56-LO-W45, Blue white
  • M2-46-516: Aristo V56-LO-W55, Natural daylight white
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 4 T12 Replacement Lamp

Aristo T12-LO-V54 replacement lamp:
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-560: Aristo T12-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 5 STANDARD 5×7 Replacement Lamp

Aristo 5X7 Standard replacement lamp
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-547: Aristo 57-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 6 S.T.D. B57 UV Cure box replacement lamp

S.T.D. B57 UV Cure chamber replacement lamp
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-548: Aristo Aristo BDF57-LO-BLC (369nm)
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 7 P2174 Replacement Microscope Lamp

Aristo P2174 replacement micoscope lamp
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-549: Aristo P2174-LO-T55
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 8 MS1417 Light Source for X-Ray Micro-Filming

“Designed for sub stage lighting, viewing, transparency, duplicating, copying, etc..”
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-518: Aristo MS1417-LO-W55, Natural daylight white
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 9 M1457-3 Series Microscope Lamp

Aristo M1457-3 Replacement Lamp for Baush & Lomb and Olympus Microscopes.

Part numbers:

  • M2-46-503: Aristo M1457-3-LO-W31, Warm white
  • M2-46-504: Aristo M1457-3-LO-W45, Blue white
  • M2-46-505: Aristo M1457-3-LO-W55, Natural daylight white
  • M2-46-509: Aristo M1457-3-LO-GOLD, Gold
  • M2-46-511: Aristo M1457-3-LO-FUV36, Black Light Blue (350 nm)
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 10 Graphlarger 4×5 Replacement Lamp

Aristo Graphlarger 4×5 replacement lamp

Part numbers:

  • M2-46-525: Aristo Graphlarger45-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 11 EK57-SP Replacement Lamp

Aristo EK57-Special replacement lamp:
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-580: Aristo EK57SP-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 12 DA17 Light Box Replacement Lamp

Aristo DA17 Light Box Replacement Lamp for Aristo Do-All 17×14 Light box for premium photography
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-519: Aristo DA17-LO-W55, Natural daylight white
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 13 DA10 Light Box Replacement Lamp

Aristo DA10 Light Box Replacement Lamp for Aristo Do-All 8×10 Light box for premium photography
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-517: Aristo DA10-LO-W55, Natural daylight white
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 14 D57 Replacement Lamp

Aristo Durst 5×7 replacement lamp:
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-556 : Aristo D57-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 15 D2-HI Replacement Lamp

Aristo D2-HI Replacement Lamp for Aristo D2 and D2-HI Series cold light head for black and white photography
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-510: Aristo D2-HI-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 16 Beseler 23C Replacement Lamp

Aristo BES23C replacement lamp
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-524: Aristo BES23C-LO-V54
VCL8100 Replacement Lamps 17 B22 Replacement Lamp

Aristo B22 replacement lamp for the Omega B22 and Omega B66 Enlargers
Part numbers:

  • M2-46-554: Aristo B22-LO-V54