Journal or Publication Society or Organization Acronym Website
IUVA News International Ultra Violet Asso (IUVA)
Water Conditioning and Purification Water Quality Asso (WQA)
Water Equipment and Technology Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Ozone International Ozone Asso (IOA)
ASHRAE JOURNAL American Society of Heating, Refrigerating,
and Air-Conditioning Engineers
AWWA Journal American Water Works Asso (AWWA)
Water and Wastes Digest Scranton-Gillette Publications
Water Technology NTP Media
Pool and Spa News Hanley-Wood Publishing
Ultra Pure Water Tall Oaks Publishing
Photonics Spectra Laurin Publishing Co
Radtech Radtech International of North America (RADTECH)
Photochemistry and Photobiology American Society of Photobiolgy (ASP)
UV Light Applications

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