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Voltarc Technologies Inc., already recognized as a leader in the signage industry and architectural lighting, joined the LightSources group in 2009. (Read our press release here).  This highly respected manufacturer of fluorescent and neon sign lighting components has long been known for its excellence in the development of specialty fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet curing lamps and related electrical lampholders and wiring devices.

Our high standards in highly customized as well as standard products for the sign market are crucial in serving sign professionals who bring their customers’ brands to life, ensure their visibility and bolster the value of their intellectual property.

Voltarc’s highly experienced engineers offer unrivaled expertise, developing fluorescent sign lamps, neon tubing, long lamps, U-lamps, and our unique cup-cathode construction that provides unsurpassed electrical life to the TriLight Max Series of fluorescent lamps.


With a tradition of industry leadership dating back more than 75 years to its origins, Voltarc offers customers high-level and innovative engineering capabilities by combining long-standing lamp design and state-of-the-art manufacturing experience with future-oriented technology. Our dedicated team offers exceptional service and support and goes the extra mile to ensure that we offer energy-efficient solutions. Voltarc’s extensive sign lamp portfolio includes:

With Voltarc sign technology, you can represent a brand with power and distinction, with all the benefits of cost-effective solutions for highly-unique environments and applications.

With more than 110 distributors throughout North America and Canada, Voltarc sign clients have easy access to consistent high-quality products. Our customers can count on the right solutions – whether for basic sign lighting designs or for applications requiring intricate, customized design, development and control provisions.

For advanced sign technology that elevates your own or your customers’ brands, controls costs and promotes energy-efficiency, Voltarc remains the industry leader.