Specialty Fluorescent Products

LCD Lighting, Inc. has designed and manufactured thousands of custom fluorescent lamps for virtually every type of OEM lighting application. Our custom phosphor engineering delivers consistently precise color temperature, CRI index, and brightness (lm/watt) in every lamp.

Sub-Miniature Specialty Fluorescent Lamp EndsHCFL (T2 – T12) and Sub-Mini
LCD Lighting’s hot-cathode fluorescent lamps (HCFL) come in straight, “U”, circular, or custom shapes to meet a multitude of OEM specifications. Our sub-miniature fluorescent lamps are engineered and manufactured with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology for use in entertainment displays, medical, POP (point of purchase) displays, machine tool displays, and advertising displays. They are also used in backlighting and liquid crystal displays (LCD’s)  for use in numerous commercial, civil, military, and space avionics information systems.


Aperture and ReflectorsAperture & Reflectors to Control the Direction of Light
Both reflector and aperture lamps are designed to control the direction of light. The use of aperture lamps in scanning vision inspection systems and other applications continues to multiply with increasing emphasis on greater precision. A particular feature of fluorescent lamps is that the light output is inherently uniform along the length of the tube. 


uv lighting international logoAquarium Lighting
LCD Lighting has all our requests for aquarium lamps for North America sold through UV Lighting Company located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Selection at LCD Lighting
Compact fluorescent lamps offer dramatic energy cost savings of up to 75% when compared to incandescent lamps of comparable light output, and their lifespan is up to thirteen times longer. Some popular application uses include aquarium lighting, cinematography, medical, and HCRI lamps.


Specialty Lamp Bases - T5 LampsCustom Fluorescent Lamps
As a specialty lamp manufacturer we can customize the shape, color, base, size, and ceramic end caps to your individual specifications.



We also offer on-site lamp sub-assembly (LSA) service for the lamp, wiring harnesses, connectors, heaters, sensors and reflective back plate or cavity.