We know that offering innovative, unique lamp designs with a proprietary solutions business concept gives our clients a competitive advantage in their different markets. In addition to providing high-quality standard lamps and components, we specialize in customizing the best possible lighting solution or lamp technology to meet our partner’s unique requirements.

UVC Germicidal Lamps
LightSources and LightTech offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for UVC germicidal applications to treat or disinfect water, air, and surfaces.  Our products are used in units that help safeguard drinking water from harmful microorganisms, food processing plants, hospitals, and HVAC applications. We manufacture our own soft glass, securing quality and turnaround.

UVC Germicidal Lamp TEST

Specialty Fluorescent Lamps

LCD Lighting engineers hot cathode fluorescent lamps (HCFL) from T‐2 to T‐12, cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) in any length or shape from straight to U, L, circular, and serpentine, as well as aperture and reflector lamps, aquarium lighting, compact fluorescent lamps, and custom lamp sub-assemblies. We offer our clients precision glass bending and custom‐blended phosphors for customizable solutions with high CRI, long life and ultra bright lighting solutions.

Specialty Fluorescent

Voltarc Sign Products

Voltarc offers a full line of high output fluorescent lamps to the sign industry in standard sizes from F18 to F96 in T8 and T12 to our XtraLong F108 to F120 and our TUFBEND® U-Lamps. Voltarc neon sign tubing has been the choice of the sign professional for generations and is available in standard, Tri-Band or custom colors to meet the most demanding applications.

Voltarc Sign Products

Lampholders and Wiring Devices

With the Kulka brand, our organization provides electrical wiring devices, quality fluorescent and incandescent lampholders, starter sockets and convenience outlets. We offer our clients custom-wire lengths and end-terminations for their entire product line. Further, we provide a full product offering for fluorescent lampholders serving the sign, general lighting and specialty lighting market.

Solutions 1  

Tanning Lamps
LightSources and LightTech tanning lamps are among the best in the industry. Passionate about tanning, we test our lamps in tanning beds in-house; our personal experience offers first-hand insight that becomes part of our daily business operations. Because we have our own glass factory, we can assure both quality and turnaround. Our tanning technologies include A-Power™ Technology high pressure (HP) tanning lamps that produce peak output within the UVA range with almost all UVB output filtered and SolGlass®, an innovative and proprietary glass that creates the most-effective tanning lamp for the indoor tanning industry.

Solutions 2


Our backlighting solutions are everywhere – even in space. LCD Lighting is the sole manufacturer of lamps used in the cockpit of the Boeing 777 passenger jet. Our lamps are also used for special illumination in jet fighters and bombers and in NASA space shuttles.  For many years, our company has been the world market leader for avionic display backlighting.


Proprietary Bases and Sockets
Our proprietary business model ensures our clients’ replacement sales by sourcing customized lamps that fit their systems exclusively. Our ceramic bases have a high-quality look and can be completely customized – including any pantone color you wish. We can provide rapid prototyping with bases and sockets or with color decals in a week or less. Bases are resistant to UV radiation, ozone, heat and moisture. Other base materials are available upon request.

Proprietary Bases and Sockets

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