UV Lamp for Psoriasis is Proven to Reduce SymptomsUV lamp psoriasis

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide for producing high performing lamps for a wide range of applications, including light therapy lamps such as the UV lamp for psoriasis.  Patients that suffer from psoriasis experience patches of dry, itchy and scaly skin in the form of hardened, raised lesions.  Topical ointments are effective for some people that have mild to moderate symptoms, although they can be less effective on severe symptoms.  

Phototherapy, or therapy with light, has been proven to be effective on controlling the symptoms of psoriasis, and giving relief to people that suffer with this skin condition.  Both UVA and UVB wavelengths are present in natural sunlight. Light therapy imitates the natural healing effects of the sun with both UVA and UVB wavelengths, and narrow-band UVB lamps for psoriasis treatment.  

Effective Treatment Options with a UV Lamp for Psoriasis

Light therapy with an ultraviolet lamp for psoriasis is administered either in a medical setting such as a doctor’s office or can also be administered at home with the right type of lamp.  Treatment must be consistent with exposure on a regular schedule for a set length of time. UV lamps for psoriasis can provide two types of UVB exposure, either broad band or narrow band, with the major difference being that the narrow band UVB lamp releases a smaller range of UV light.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, UVA wavelengths are also used for treating psoriasis but are relatively ineffective unless used with a medication called psoralen, which makes the skin more receptive to the UV exposure.  This treatment is referred to as PUVA and is proven to be effective at slowing down excessive growth of skin cells. Treatment with a UV lamp for psoriasis is proven to promote healing and decrease symptoms, with skin conditions generally improving within a few weeks or months.  Maintaining a consistent treatment schedule with UV lamps for psoriasis treatment is key to obtaining successful results.

LightSources Offers UV Lamps for Psoriasis Treatment

LightSources offers proven solutions with all types of phototherapy lamps, producing traditional UV lamps and specialty bulbs designed with the proper wavelength for effective treatment.  We employ highly skilled engineers experienced in UV phototherapy technology, developing the best UV lamps for psoriasis treatment available on the market today.

LightSources and LightTech are global leaders in the lamp and lighting industry, providing high-tech lighting solutions to a multitude of applications.  Contact an engineer to speak with a phototherapy lamp specialist about our high performing UV lamp for psoriasis.