Applications that use UV light are diverse and cover a whole range of materials. UV lamps are useful tools for actinic purposes such as producing chemical reactions in industrial applications such as curing or drying chemical compounds, inks, and coatings. Common substrates for MPUV curing have been wood, glass, metal, labeling, and plastic. In recent years, UV light has seen increased use in the inactivation of microorganisms (bacteria).

Common applications for the use of UV light in curing or drying include:

  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Coatings
  • Decorative Adhesive Transfers
  • Engraving & Plating Resist
  • General Electronics
  • Inks / Varnishes / Lacquers,
  • Decorative Glazes
  • Laboratories/ R&D
  • Medical
  • Metal Decorations
  • Packaging
  • Plastic Container
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Printing/ Label Printing, Graphic
  • Arts
  • Resistors / Capacitors
  • Semiconductors
  • Sheet Decorating