UV Curing Technology Offers Many Benefits

Today’s UV curing technology offers OEMs smart, safe, and cost-effective solutions. LightSources along with our European partner, LightTech, designs, engineers and manufactures a line of proprietary UVA (medium pressure UV curing) and UVC (low pressure UV curing) lamps that are used throughout the world. In our medium pressure UV (MPUV) curing lamp, we use UVA light in the wavelength range of 367nm to 400nm. These lamps are extremely efficient in curing UV-light activated inks, bonds, adhesives, and a variety of finishes (lacquers, glazes and varnishes). Our low pressure UV curing lamps are a great choice for applications that require dimming as they operate on much less power.

UV Curing Technology – Discover Our Difference

Highly efficient and easy to maintain, UV curing technology is quickly becoming the choice of industries throughout the world. At LightSources and LightTech, we are particularly proud to offer OEMs our proprietary pellet technology found in our amalgam lamps. Our innovative pellet lamps produce higher UVC at full power, while at the same time, provide a higher UV output under dimming conditions when compared to spot amalgam technology, thus creating an increased output and reduced operating costs. Another advantage to our pellet technology is it is just as efficient regardless of whether the lamps are mounted horizontally or vertically.

With all of the significant improvements to MPUV technology over the last decade, it is now used for many applications other than its initial use of curing inks, adhesives and coatings. Today, the strong ultraviolet radiation in MPUV lamps is used in applications such as UVC water disinfection and air sterilization, and to irradiate energy at different wavelengths, including visible light. Our experts at LightSources and LightTech are ready to discuss the various aspects of our UV curing technology as well as our other MPUV products.

The LightSources group represents the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries and include UVC germicidal lamps, specialty fluorescent lamps, tanning, signage and backlighting. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art UV curing technology.