Specialty Fluorescent Lamps

US Federal Contractor Registration ApprovedAt LCD Lighting, Inc., we offer both standard and custom-designed specialty fluorescent lighting solutions for virtually every type of OEM lighting application.

With cutting-edge technology and the experience of designing and manufacturing thousands of T-2, T-4, T-5, T8 and T-12 fluorescent lamps, we are world market leaders in our industry.

Product Portfolio
Our lamps include CCFL Sub-minis and HCFL-aperture and reflectors, aquarium lighting, compact fluorescent, and completely customized solutions.

We provide lamp sub assemblies (LSA), a value-added service.  On site, LCD Lighting can produce fully assembled LSA units according to our clients’ design drawings and specifications; our OEM clients receive ready-to-go equipment, saving valuable time and money.

Our high-quality, dependable lamps are used in many industries. Below are some examples:

Proprietary Technology
Our proprietary and innovative specialty fluorescent technologies and specially-designed solutions help provide our OEM clients with a measurable advantage in their respective markets

  • Ultra-Bright™ – With this technology, LCD Lighting offers lamps with double the efficacy (lm/watts), 50% improvement in lumen maintenance, and maximized lighting uniformity.
  • Robo-Bend – This unique technology allows serpentine hot-cathode lamps to be manufactured with an automated bending processes.
  • Long Life – Our cathode construction provides an extra long operating life – up to 60,000 hours for T8 and up to 50,000 hours for T12
  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index) – Our proprietary color rendering index (CRI) has more rare earth tri-phosphors to provide the truest color with a natural look.