Miniature Lamps for Aircrafts

Miniature Lamps for Avionics
LCD Lighting manufactures miniature lamps for avionic displays and cabin lighting. Typically a multiple bend lamp configuration, these miniature lamps are used to backlight liquid crystal displays (LCD), as well as indirect cabin lighting, passenger and crew reading lights, galley and lavatory lighting, entry lighting, cockpit applications, cargo areas, wing inspection lights, exterior emergency lighting, landing lights and many other locations.

Miniature lamp for avionicsMiniature lamps can be placed on the edge of an LCD display or directly behind it with a back plate to reflect illumination through the LCD. The application and use environment help determine the lamp’s shape, size and power. In general, miniature lamps are multi-bend in shape and are 6mm to 18mm in outside diameter (O.D.).

LCD Lighting’s miniature lamps replace multiple lamp designs with more efficient, single-lamp systems. These single-lamp systems provide a number of important benefits, including simplified wiring harnesses, reduced power requirements and enhanced durability. LCDL can also provide value added services to further reduce the unit’s cost.  (See Lamp Sub-Assemblies)

Miniature Lamps – Technical and Performance Specifications

  • Outside Diameter Range: 6mm – 20mm
  • Length: 50mm – 1520mm
  • Special: Lasered apertures available
  • Radius Bend: 6mm – 25mm
  • Shapes: “U”, “C”, “L”, “S”, “M” and multi-bend serpentine shapes
  • Colors: Virtually any, as required and specified by the customer
  • Technology: HCFL or CCFL
  • Operating Lifetime: Tens of thousands of hours depending on driving current (amps)
  • Operating Environment: Commercial, industrial, military and space environments
    (-55°C to +85°C with thermal management)
  • Manufacturing Process: LCDL (LCD Lighting) proprietary

Custom Shapes
LCD Lighting can design custom shapes to meet any OEM design specifications.

Most of the miniature lamps we produce are used to illuminate very critical data displays for nearly all the world’s commercial, private and military aircrafts. A portion of LCDL miniature lamps can also be found in laptops, ATM’s, medical monitors, kiosk displays, or as OEM replacement lamps for similar devices.

Custom Colors
Readily available colors include: cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, and tri-band. We also provide ultraviolet and infrared phosphors. Colors can be blended to produce the precise desired color requirements in a wide range within the visible spectrum. Please visit our High CRI page for more information.


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