Miniature Lamps for Shipboard Lighting

LCD Lighting manufactures miniature lamps for displays and cabin lighting on ships, which are used in much the same way as avionic applications.

Our custom tri-white light is twice as bright as traditional fluorescent systems and can be used extensively for indirect cabin lighting, passenger and crew reading lights, galley and lavatory lighting, entry lighting, cockpit applications, stairs, cargo areas, exterior emergency lighting, and many other locations.

Long Life Technology
Our Long Life technology helps reduce time and labor. LCD Lighting’s Long Life T8 lamps have a life expectancy of up to six times greater than standard T12 HO lamps and are up to 40% more efficient. Our Long Life T12 lamps have a rated useful life up to five times greater than standard T12 HO lamps and are up to 25% more efficient when used with an electronic warm start ballast.
KULKA Lampholders & Wiring DevicesInterested in fluorescent lampholders? Look through our Kulka webpages and learn more about our extensive line of electrical wiring devices, quality fluorescent, high intensity discharge and incandescent lampholders; starter sockets and convenience outlets.
Custom Shapes
We can design custom shapes to meet any OEM design specifications.

Custom Colors
Readily available colors include: cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, and tri-band. We also provide ultraviolet and infrared phosphors. Colors can be blended to produce the precise desired color requirements in a wide range within the visible spectrum. Please visit our High CRI page for more information.
Harness Assemblies Available
Our team at LCD Lighting can work with OEMs to make connections for their specific applications. Please visit or Lamp Sub-Assembly page for more information about our value-added solutions.
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UVC Germicidal Technology
UV Germicidal lamps are also used on board for air, water, and surface sterilization because it is a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution. Some applications include:
  • Purifying drinking water
  • Cleaning pool water
  • Eliminating odors
  • Sterilizing air in HVAC units

Learn more and browse LightSources’ and LightTech’s website
for germicidal technology.