LightSources and our strategic partner, LightTech, offer a wide range of high-quality, standard and custom-designed UV germicidal lamps and components, proven to kill viruses and bacteria in air, water, and surface disinfection applications.

UV Germicidal Lamps: Discover the Technology

uv germicidal lamps

LightSources provides OEMs of all sizes unique, proprietary solutions with UV lamps that have been specifically developed for germicidal applications. We offer many different types and sizes of UV germicidal lamps, specially designed to produce UV radiation with maximum efficiency. UV radiation is environmentally friendly, disinfecting without the use of toxic, dangerous chemicals. Germicidal UVC lamps by LightSources provide additional benefits with low initial capital costs and reduced operating costs.

UV Germicidal Lamp Types

Low-Pressure Mercury Germicidal Lamps

Low-pressure mercury germicidal lamps are the most common types of UV germicidal lamps and include a wide range of lamp types. Low pressure mercury germicidal lamps provide effective disinfection to a broad range of industries and applications. Low-pressure mercury lamps are available in ozone-generating or ozone-free lamp types and include:

Standard Output Quartz – provides the highest efficiency by converting 40% of the lamp’s electrical power to UVC radiation at 254 nm. Low ozone type of quartz glass allows 90% transmission at 254 nm, blocking 185 nm energy. Very High ozone, VH, standard output lamps transmit both 185 nm for ozone producing lamps and 254 nm wavelengths. The type of fused quartz determines the wavelength emissions.

High Output Quartz – provides approximately twice the UVC output, up to 66% more UV output compared to standard output lamps of the same length. HO lamps allow for decreasing the number of lamps necessary without compromising functionality. HO lamps offer advantages when a smaller footprint is required.

Compact Quartz and Softglass – available in Quartz glass for both 254nm and 185nm technology, and Softglass for 254 nm only, compact lamps provide germicidal solutions in small spaces.

Specialty – LightSources and LightTech continually develop UV germicidal lamps and technology with a dedication to innovative research and development. Some of our specialty UV germicidal lamps include:

  • Germipak Cell lamps
  • Quartz U-lampsuv germicidal lamps
  • Sub-miniature UVC lamps
  • R.P.T. UVC lamps
  • All-in-One Submersible lamps

Standard and High Output Softglass – softlgass lamps are available in a much wider variety of shapes and sizes than what is available with Quartz glass. Softglass lamps have a germicidal efficiency of 30% and can operate on lower current between 180 and 425mA.

Low pressure mercury lamps from LightSources come in a wide range of types and sizes, each designed for the most efficient operation with maximum germicidal effectiveness.

Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps

LightSources offers the widest range of high-quality spot and pellet amalgam lamps in the industry, with both standard and custom designs. We have applied our proprietary technology, LongLife+™, to our germicidal amalgam line. LongLife+™ is a specialty coating that reduces the rate of output depreciation often occurring in high-intensity lamps and significantly increases the lifespan of our UV germicidal lamps to 16,000 hours.
Amalgam germicidal technology offers many benefits and features such as:

  • Yielding up to three times the UVC output when compared to standard lamps of the same length.
  • Equal functionality and efficiency in both horizontal and vertical operation.
  • They can operate with consistent UVC output over a broad water or air temperature range (4 – 40 ° C). Our custom designs allow for even higher temperature applications.
  • When compared to standard or HO germicidal lamps, amalgam lamps offer reduced capital and maintenance costs over the operating life of the system.
  • System designers can decrease the number of lamps required without compromising functionality.

LightSources offers proprietary, patented pellet amalgam technology, which provides benefits over spot amalgam lamps in high-power applications. Pellet amalgam technology provides efficiency in hot ambient environments and under power dimming conditions. Our experienced lighting engineers can help determine the best UV lamps for your germicidal application and custom design features to meet your specifications.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV)

Medium pressure ultraviolet lamps (MPUV) operate at higher power levels and temperatures while emitting more UVC energy than low pressure ultraviolet lamps. MPUV lamps provide a solution to a broad range of industries including curing and germicidal applications. MPUV lamps provide effective and efficient disinfection to:

  • Water disinfection applications including waste-water treatment plants and ballast water treatment systems. Allows for higher flow rates with a compact footprint.
  • Air purification systems, HVAC UVC systems
  • Surface disinfection, UVC robots

LightSources offers an extensive line of standard and custom lamps from 100 watts per inch to more than 700 watts per inch. Our patented UV technologies enhance output at specified wavelengths to meet your germicidal requirements. Our experienced engineers offer assistance with meeting your custom specifications.

Download our MPUV Customized Lamp Design Form for more information.

All MPUV lamps come with a limited One Year Warranty.

UVC Ozone Lamps

LightSources offers UVC ozone lamps in Very High (VH) lamp design, constructed in clear fused quartz for uninterrupted emission at 185 nm. Ozone lamps used in HVAC air disinfection systems eliminate foul odor and volatile organic compounds such as mercaptans, sulfides, and ammonia. Ozone can be carried into places that direct UV radiation cannot reach to maintain fresh air quality with a deodorizing effect.

Quartz SleevesUV Germicidal Lamps 1

Quartz sleeves are a worthwhile investment that protects your UV germicidal lamps from breakage, leakage, temperature fluctuations and environmental hazards, without sacrificing efficiency. LightSources offers open-ended and domed-type quartz sleeves constructed with high-quality materials.

Electronic Ballasts

Choosing the right electronic ballast is essential as system performance depends upon the interaction between the ballast and the lamp. Germicidal UV lamps are gas discharge devices that would be inherently unstable without ballasts to restore and maintain operation. LightSources offers assistance in matching the right ballasts to your lamp.

LightSources is dedicated to delivering innovative UVC germicidal solutions with first-to-market lamp products and technology, striving to improve cost-efficiency with environmentally friendly practices. We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration and are committed to your total satisfaction.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements for high-quality UV germicidal lamps.

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