electronic ballast for uvc germicidal lamps

Light Sources and strategic partner LightTech offer an extensive line of electronic ballasts, covering a wide range of UVC germicidal lamps.

Choosing the right ballast is essential because system performance is dependent on the interaction between the lamp and ballast.

Here  is why:
As elements in an electrical circuit, germicidal lamps are referred to as “active” elements because they generate harmonic and transient voltages and currents. They exhibit a seemingly strange characteristic – the voltage decreases with increasing current. This process is known as negative AC resistance.  Therefore, gas discharge devices, such as germicidal lamps, are inherently unstable; once lit, the current increases without limit unless other circuit elements – ballasts – are used to restore and maintain operation.

At Light Sources and LightTech, we have available a number of electronic ballasts that match our lamps. If you need help with a ballast- give us a call and we will help you to match the ballast to the lamp.


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