As industry leaders in the UV disinfection lamp field, LightSources and our strategic partner, LightTech, are at the forefront of providing OEM-focused solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality standard and custom-designed products tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our commitment to excellence drives us to employ proprietary germicidal UVC technologies in our lamps, ensuring optimal disinfection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses across different applications.

Innovative UV Disinfection Lamp DevelopmentUV disinfection lamp

With access to extensive resources, state-of-the-art facilities, and a highly skilled professional team, LightSources and LightTech continuously innovate and develop cutting-edge environmental technologies specifically designed for the disinfection industry. Our dedication extends to providing ecologically sound solutions that prioritize both public safety and environmental protection, addressing the ongoing demand for effective disinfection.

UV Disinfection Lamps: A Versatile Solution

UV disinfection lamps offer a multitude of advantages, making them an environmentally friendly and chemical-free choice for various disinfection needs. Unlike germicidal chemicals such as chlorine, these lamps do not contain corrosive materials or produce disinfection by-products (DBPs). Instead, they harness the power of UVC light to efficiently disinfect bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses without the health hazards associated with harmful chemicals.

Moreover, our energy-efficient and long-lasting disinfection lamps are designed for easy operation and maintenance, featuring a compact design that simplifies retrofitting processes. One of our proprietary technologies, LongLife+™, is a specialty coating that can be applied to any of our germicidal lamp products. This innovative coating addresses the issue of accelerated depreciation commonly seen in higher-intensity lamps, significantly extending their lifespan. Reducing the frequency of bulb replacements not only improves cost efficiency but also promotes environmental responsibility.

Diverse Applications of UV Disinfection Lamps

The versatility of UV disinfection lamps equipped with germicidal UVC technology makes them the preferred choice for a wide range of engineering applications. Industries worldwide requiring water, air, and surface disinfection have come to appreciate the safe, straightforward, and cost-effective benefits offered by these lamps.

Our UVC lamp products play a pivotal role in safeguarding drinking water from harmful microorganisms, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of food processing plants, supporting the healthcare sector, and optimizing HVAC applications, among many other diverse applications.

Types of Disinfection: Water, Air, and Surfaces

At LightSources, we understand the critical importance of effective disinfection across various domains. Our UV disinfection lamps cater to three priwater UV disinfection lampmary categories of disinfection:

Water Disinfection: Our lamps are utilized in systems dedicated to purifying drinking water, eliminating harmful pathogens, and ensuring the safety of water supplies. UVC lamps for water disinfection are utilized in a multitude of water applications, including pool and spa, wastewater treatment, water purification, aquaculture, life sciences, ballast water treatment, and other water disinfection applications.

Air Disinfection: We offer solutions for air purification, enhancing indoor air quality, and reducing the risk of airborne contaminants in commercial and residential applications. UVC air disinfection improves indoor air quality in facilities such as hospitals, commercial spaces, industrial areas, schools, homes, restaurants, laboratories, public transportation, and many other indoor areas.  UVC lamps are also installed in HVAC units to eliminate mold and mildew inside HVAC equipment and destroy pathogens as they filter thrSurface UV disinfection lampough the unit.

Surface Disinfection: LightSources lamps are employed in applications where maintaining hygienic surfaces is crucial, such as in hospitals and healthcare settings, laboratories, restaurants, food processing facilities, schools, public transportation systems, residential homes, and many other environments. Surface disinfection can be accomplished with UVC germicidal lamps in a variety of systems, including UVC robots that can roam hospital rooms and automatically disinfect surfaces in non-occupied spaces.

Far UVC lamps are another type of disinfection lamp that is gaining in popularity for showing the same efficacy as 254 nm lamps but operate safely in occupied spaces. LightSources offers Far UVC lamps with 222 nm Excimer lamps proven for efficacy and safety.

Variety of UVC Disinfection Lamps

UV disinfection lampsLightSources provides a diverse range of UVC germicidal lamps tailored to specific disinfection requirements:

  • Low-Pressure Mercury Lamps: Ideal for water and air disinfection, these lamps offer exceptional germicidal performance.
  • Amalgam Lamps: Known for their versatility, amalgam lamps are suitable for a wide array of disinfection applications.
  • Medium-Pressure Mercury Lamps: These lamps are highly effective in addressing complex disinfection challenges across industries.
  • UVC Ozone Lamps: LightSources offers UVC ozone lamps that provide effective disinfection and also eliminate foul odors from the air by eradicating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including ammonia, mercaptans, and sulfides. Ozone provides the benefit of being carried through the air to reach and disinfect areas that may not be accessible by direct line-of-sight with other disinfection lamps.
  • Custom Quartz Sleeves and Electronic Ballasts – LightSources offers custom development of quartz sleeves and ballasts, including proprietary products to enhance your own brand awareness. Our lighting engineers offer custom prototype solutions with vast, in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and lamp components to create custom solutions that meet your disinfection needs.

UV Germicidal Lamps
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UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources and LightTech are dedicated to providing innovative and eco-friendly disinfection solutions through our comprehensive range of UV disinfection lamps. Whether you require water, air, or surface disinfection, our diverse lamp offerings cater to your specific needs, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment for various industries and applications. Contact us to speak with an engineer today and learn the many advantages of working with LightSources for highly effective, custom-designed UV disinfection lamps.