A Far UVC light bulb is manufactured to produce Far UVC light, which is UV light in the range of 222 nanometers (nm).  

Far UVC Light bulbFar UVC Light Bulbs: Effectiveness and Safety

LightSources offers Far UVC light bulbs with our Excimer lamp series, designed, engineered, and manufactured to produce specific wavelengths in the Far UVC range of 222 nm. The most typical type of UVC germicidal lamps has been 254 nm, although Far UVC light at 222 nm is gaining in interest and usage as research is showing high efficacy in killing germs and harmful microbes with improved safety over 254 nm lamps.  

Continued exposure to UVC radiation at 254 nm can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Far UVC light, when used with an optical filter, is safer for human exposure than typical germicidal UVC lamps, which allows Far UVC light bulbs (with an optical filter) to be used when humans are present. This opens the door to many possibilities of UVC disinfection with Excimer lamps for many germicidal applications.

222 nm Far UVC Light with Excimer Lamps

Our 222 nm Far UVC Excimer lamps are utilized in many UV disinfection applications for microbial reduction and disinfection. LightSources 222nm Excimer series is our new line of 222 nm Far UV-C Excimer lamps, proven effective for microbial reduction in many applications. LightSources 222nm Excimer lamps are presently used for the disinfection of unoccupied spaces. Ongoing studies continue to support the advancement of Far UVC light as the future solution for microbial reduction in occupied and unoccupied spaces. 

Our Excimer lamps are ideal for use in areas such as restrooms and kitchens, for disinfecting countertops, and for occasional disinfection in many environments. LightSources Far UVC light bulbs are currently only available in a 20W option. Other power options are available upon request; speak to one of our engineers to learn more.

Features and Benefits:
    • Mercury Free
    • Large Production Capacity
    • Flexible Design Capabilities for Custom Lamp Development
    • Effective Germicidal Wavelength
    • Effective Eradication of Most Spores
    • Wide Operating Temperature
    • Instantaneous On/Off
    • Surfaces
    • Air
    • Water

Far UVC Light Bulb 1

Far UVC Light Bulb Manufacturer

LightSources is a leading global supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions, offering high-tech UV lamps developed with proprietary technology based on decades of extensive knowledge, research, and development. We offer vast global resources, including a state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe combined with the leading high-tech UV radiation lamp engineers. We offer custom lamp engineering and manufacturing, including prototype development. 

LightSources offers a wide selection of UV lamps and germicidal UVC lamps, including 222 nm Excimer lamps.  We provide germicidal lamp solutions for use in air, water, and surface disinfection applications worldwide.  Contact us to learn more about germicidal lamp solutions, including Far UVC light bulbs.