LCD Lighting is recognized as the preferred supplier for all commercial, military and private avionics backlighting. It is our AMLCD lamps that illuminate the cockpit control displays of Boeing’s 777, 767 & 737 aircraft and NASA’s Space Shuttle exclusively.

We also produce a wide range of custom lamps for many other applications, which demand the highest precision, maximum luminance and extreme long-life.

Learn more about some applications of many, for which we engineered lighting solutions to satisfy their use in demanding and harsh environments such as shipboard and military displays.

Avionics, Vetronics and Shipboard Instrumentation Backlighting

Avionics , Vetronics and Shipboard AMLCD displays have requirements for high brightness lamps that are uniformly diffuse, dimmable and have high reliability. With a larger display size and information density, the performance and backlighting requirements also increases. Compared to, for instance, incandescent lamps or electroluminescent film, HCFL’s (hot-cathode fluorescent lamps) provide a highly cost-effective light source solution for the air and space technology industry. The advantages are obvious:

  • Long life
  • Availability of HCFL’s in various sizes and customized shapes
  • High intensity
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Ease of dimmability

Commercial and Military

Liquid-crystal displays still dominate military and commercial aerospace applications. Computer displays are everywhere – the “screen” itself is the best way to deploy the most powerful weapon of war – that is, “information”. Displays are placed on a wide variety of surfaces – not just on planes, trucks or ships, but also on radios, rifle sights and helmets. These demanding applications require the right technology and precise reliability. A display must not only be durable for the military sector, it also must be power efficient and built with the accurate light source to be readable in sunlight. As we offer either fully integrated CCFL backlights you can find our product series in many LCD monitors of commercial- and military applications. Customers either benefit from competitive prices by sourcing the backlight assembly only, or by integrating a very unique, proprietary or customized solution in their system.

Partnership with Clients

Many companies and organizations around the world integrate LCD Lighting’s lamp technology solutions in their systems. The long-lasting, collective experience of our engineers and technicians illustrates a great benefit that is available exclusively to our customers. We are challenged to produce technological innovation and no matter what, we deliver superior engineered light solutions to solve you toughest lighting problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our clients are much more than just customers who buy lamps. At LCD Lighting and the Light Sources group, customer partnerships are relationships for which we strive to commit ourselves to the success of our customers. They are our partners and our premise is to build strong and sturdy relationships based on solid trust with positive returns. Partnerships are the fundamental base of our philosophy. We see ourselves as members in your team and cooperate to achieve mutual success. Our client base knows they truly can depend on us to help them find the best and most efficient lighting solutions.