Technology 1

Our entire avionics lamp series calls for precision manufacturing in order to stay competitive in an increasingly global and technological marketplace.

LCD Lighting’s growth and technological advancements in the lamp manufacturing industry are based on over 27 years of manufacturing and engineering experience. Therefore, one of our core principles is to provide our customers best value while continuously using and advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to offer them the “brightest” and most efficient lighting solutions. It’s only due to our extensive R&D efforts that we could develop revolutionary technologies, which not only double the efficacy (lm/watt) or improve lumen maintenance by 50%, but also maximize overall lighting uniformity.

Technology 2Learn more about our Coat “After” Bend (CAB) and Coat “Before” Bend (CBB) technology, which has revolutionized the avionics LCD and AMLCD industries.


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