Specialty Fluorescent Lamp Applications

At LCD Lighting, we manufacture custom fluorescent lamps using the most advanced technology. We cater to the OEM, meeting their individual application needs with standard straight replacement lamps and specially-designed bent lamps.

Our fluorescent lamps are used around the world in commercial, private and military aircrafts, industrial and commercial printing application, as well as in laptops, ATM’s, medical monitors and phototherapy applications, aquarium and reptile lighting, kiosk/Point-of-purchase (POP) displays, and a myriad of stage and screen lighting.

Learn more by clicking on the application images below:

Aircraft Lighting Aircraft
cabin lighting
Industrial Curing Industrial Curing
precision UV curing of
contact lenses, inks,
paints, resins
Aquarium Lighting Aquarium Lighting Machine Vision Machine Vision
aperture lamps,
special phosphors
Architectural Lighting Architectural
large scale
specialty illumination
Medical Instruments Medical Instruments
scanning and
illumination lamps
Avionics Avionics
backlighting of
critical flight displays
Medical Medical Phototherapy
photonic activated
dermatological treatments
Computer lighting Computers
laptop LCD
backlighting, replacement
lamps and accessories
Shipboard Lighting Shipboard
instrumentation and
interior lighting
Copiers and Scanners Lighting Copiers & Scanners
aperture and
reflector lamps
Stage - Screen - Studio - Theatrical Lighting Stage/Screen/Studio and Theatrical Lighting
precision color rendering
Entertainment Displays Entertainment Displays
LCD back- and
edge lighting
Transportation Lighting Transportation
interior and tail lights
Facsimile Machines Lighting Facsimile Machines
aperture lamps
Vetronics Lighting Vetronics
backlighting of ground
vehicle displays
General Displays Lighting General Displays
industrial, banking ATM
and specialty illumination