Miniature Lamps

LCD Lighting’s miniature lamps are typically a multiple bend lamp configuration used to backlight a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). A laptop computer screen is the best known common example of an LCD display. Displays similar to this are used throughout the industry to show information or present images for entertainment. Miniature lamps can be placed on the edge of an LCD display or directly behind it with a backplate to reflect light through the LCD. The application and use environment help determine the lamp’s shape, size and power. Typically miniature lamps are multi-bend in shape and are usually from 6mm to 20mm in outside diameter (O.D.).

Our miniature lamps replace multiple lamp designs with more efficient, single lamp systems which produce a number of important benefits – simplified wiring harnesses, reduced power requirements and enhanced durability, better uniformity, easier to dim and easier to maintain.

Most of the miniature lamps LCD Lighting manufactures are used to illuminate very critical primary flight data displays – the avionics displays on many of the world’s commercial, private and military aircrafts. A portion of our miniature lighting portfolio can also be found in laptops, ATM’s, medical monitors, kiosk displays, or as OEM replacement lamps for similar devices.

Unique Shapes
We offer specialty fluorescent lamps in a variety of shapes, including grid lamps, circular lamps or interlocking lamps.

Multiple Bend, Grid Lamps 
Grid lamps have more than one “U” bend in one plane. Electrode legs may be in the same plane, a parallel plane, or at right angles to the plane of the grid. Due to the innovative design of the lamp, the edge effect is minimized and more of the lamp’s energy can be seen when viewing the LCD application from off axis viewing angles. Moreover, luminance uniformity as well as mean luminance of the LCD is also highly optimized. It’s no problem to use a contoured diffuser and/or a contoured reflector with grid lamps as it further aids in minimizing luminance roll-off and producing maximum results in viewing characteristics of your LCD.
Multiple Bend Grid Lamps
Circular Lamps
May be circular or oval in almost any size. The electrode legs may be parallel to the plane of the circle or in a plane at a right angle to the plane of the circle.
Miniature Lamps 1
Interlocking Lamps
Lamps are for applications requiring redundancy, more than one lamp is used so that the display continues to be illuminated if one lamp fails. The lamps are designed to interlock – overlap in the same plane to provide optimum uniformity of light.
Interlocking Fluorescent Lamps

Technical and Performance Specifications

Outside Diameter Range: 6mm – 20mm
Length: 50mm – 1520mm
Special: Lasered apertures available
Radius Bend: 6mm – 25mm
Shapes: “U”, “C”, “L”, “S”, “M” and multi-bend serpentine shapes
Colors: Virtually any, as required and specified by the customer
Technology: HCFL or CCFL
Operating Lifetime: Tens of thousands of hours depending on driving current (amps)
Operating Environment: Commercial, industrial, military and space environments
(-55°C to +85°C with thermal management)
Manufacturing Process: LCDL (LCD Lighting) proprietary

Standard Colors

Standard colors include cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, and tri-band. Ultraviolet and infrared phosphors can also be supplied. Spectral energy distributions of the tri-component colors are shown in figures below. These can be blended to produce the precise desired color requirements in a wide range within the visible spectrum.

Tri-Band Spectral Energy Distribution  Red Spectral Energy Distribution

Green Spectral Energy Distribution  Blue Spectral Energy Distribution


No matter which size or shape of miniature and sub-miniature fluorescent lamp you need – we can engineer, design and manufacture the lamps that will fit your unique application requirements. In over 27 years of manufacturing experience the Light Sources group and LCD Lighting have custom-designed for virtually every market application you can think of.

Download the design requirements data sheet today and send us your requirements to

Miniature Lamps 2
Miniature Lamps 3
Miniature Lamps 4