Voltarc ELT Lamp Tester

A sign that brings your corporate identity to life requires the leading technology and the best engineering expertise. It also requires a partner that can apply its capabilities to each sign company’s individual needs.

The signage product line from Voltarc is extensive. We offer a full line of high output (HO) fluorescent lamps in standard sizes from F18 – F96 in T8 and T12 to our XtraLong F108 – F120 and our TUFBEND® U-Lamps. In addition, neon sign tubing is available in all standard, Tri-Band or custom colors to meet the most demanding applications. Perhaps most important, Voltarc offers highly-customized solutions in an industry where standardization is still the norm. Our extensive array of colors, configurations, and emerging lighting technologies – combined with our superior expertise and creativity – allow us to tailor a solution to the sign professional’s specifications, bringing out true colors and your client’s corporate identity in stunning clarity.

At the same time, Voltarc offers all the standard systems, products and technologies that remain so valuable to customers everywhere.

At Voltarc, the design of technology to facilitate effective neon signs is a collaborative effort. We work closely with signmakers and service professionals to meet their unique specifications. Regardless of size, length or any special configuration, the Voltarc team develops a solution to meet your unique needs.

With Voltarc’s extensive distribution channels, we are now in a position to bring this value to the world.

Whether a customer needs standard design for very basic signage or an entirely customized solution for an intricate, challenging system, Voltarc combines the breadth of product offerings with superior experience to generate a high-quality, high-performing system.