Our Cross-Reference table below makes it convenient for you to match any of our products with other manufacturers. If the item you are looking for is not on the list, please contact us.

The data contained in this Cross-Reference is intended as a guide to select the proper Voltarc or Masonlite product for your particular signage application. The information may be based on another manufacturer’s marketing literature such as product data sheets, catalogues or internet media. The data in this Cross-Reference table is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and accurate, but all suggestions or recommendations are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control.

Neon Tubing Cross Reference Chart
Voltarc Masonlite  EGL  FMS  Technolux 
3000 Warm White 3A Warm White E3000 Warm N/A #44 Warm White
3500 White 5A 3500 White 3500 White BL 3500 HO #3 3500K
4500 White 7A 4500 White V4500 White BL 4500 HO #2 4500K
6500 Snow White 10A White 6500 6500 Snow White FMS 6500 #1 6500K
8300 Bright White 11A 8400 White 8300 Bright White FMS 8300 N/A
Accent Incandescent 1A Supper Warm C.L. Designer® 24 N/A #31 Incandescent
Accent TRI3000 Tri-3000 C.L. Designer® 30 BL 3000 TC #7 3000K TRI
Accent TRI3500 Tri-3500 C.L. Designer® 35 #7 3500K TRI
Accent TRI4500 Tri-4500 C.L. Designer® 45 #25 4500K TRI
Accent Vanilla Tri-2800 C.L. Designer® 28 BL 2800 TC #4 2800K TRI
Aquamarine N/A N/A N/A N/A
Blacklight N/A N/A N/A N/A
Blue 14A Standard Blue Blue E 40 BL 55 Blue #8 Blue
Clear Bright Yellow 49A Brite Yellow Clear Bright Yellow BL 60 Sun N/A
Clear Gold II 50A New Gold Clear Gold BL 62 Gold #27 Clear Gold
Green 42A Green Green E 10 BL 33 Green #10 Green
HI 5100 8A Northlight N/A N/A #5 5000K
Lavender 21A Orchid Lavender BL 58 Lavender N/A
Majestic Gold “ M51A Old Gold N/A N/A N/A
Majestic Orange “ N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mercury Rose 28A Argon Pink Coral Pink BL 56 Argon Pink #13 Coral Rose
NeoBlue 47A Neo Blue Neo Blue BL 77 Royal BL N/A
NeoRuby 48A Neo Ruby N/A BL 80 Neo Red N/A
Paradise Pink “ N/A Flamingo BL 49 Magenta #14 Magenta
Pink White 25A Pale Pink Pink H37 BL 46 Pink White N/A
Purple 19A Purple Haze Violet II BL 59 Purple #15 Violet
Trilite 6500 Tri-6500 C.L. Designer® 65 BL 6500 TC 6500 Triphosphor
Trilite 7100 N/A C.L. Designer® 71 BL 7100 TC N/A
Tri-8300 Tri-8300 C.L. Designer® 83 N/A 8300 Triphosphor
Sparkling Blue “ 15A Brilliant Blue Horizon Blue BL 51 Rich Blue #12 Super Blue
Teal 36A Aquamarine Seacrest BL 32 Aquamarine #9 Super Turquoise
Turquoise 35A Turquoise Aqua E 21 BL 54 Turquoise N/A
UltraBlue N/A UltraBlue N/A #122 Ultra Blue
Veep Green 52A V Green VP Green BL 35 Vine Green N/A

Majestic Gold™, Majestic Orange™, Sparking Blue™ and Paradise Pink™ are trademarks of Voltarc.
C.L. Designer® is a trademark of EGL Company, Inc.