Sign Accessories

Voltarc ELT Lamp Tester

Pure Gases
Voltarc offers pure gases, in a variety of quantities, delivering outstanding tube operation. Options include neon, argon, 1050 (the basic gas for mercury tubes), 1051 (with more neon for maximum cold weather brilliance), helium and hydrogen. All gases are available in .8-liter flasks.

The KOLOR-CHEK’R AC Adapter is a convenient, easy-to-use device that precisely determines the color of un-pumped sign tubing. Because of its light weight, it is easy to use in a stationary position or while handheld. The KOLOR CHEK’R’ features a special filter and lamp which are able to fluoresce any phosphor color. Its versatility makes it easy to use in any setting, even on the road.


Voltarc ELT Lamp Tester Masonlite ELT – Electronic Lamp Tester (Part #: 12600)

The small, compact Electronic Lamp Tester works on both neon (cold cathode) and fluorescent (hot cathode)   tubes. Battery-operated and easy to use, the ELT features a telescopic aerial for extended reach.  (Press Release)