Fluorescent Sign Lamps

Fluorescent sign lamps offer exceptional value to the sign industry, with life ratings now as high as 60,000 hours and a far lower cost of operation over their lifetime than traditional T12 HO fluorescent sign lamps. Voltarc applies its unique cup-cathode technology to produce a line of products that are environmentally friendly with an extra long life and are easily interchangeable– making it easy to customize solutions to each sign-maker’s individual needs.

While our energy-efficient fluorescent sign products deliver cost benefits, our top quality delivers high performance that leads to customer success and long-term profitability. With longer life expectancy, users will require fewer service calls and replacements.

Voltarc is prepared to meet the needs of sign-makers and service providers by providing the widest and best variety of fluorescent sign lamp technology – from custom-figuration fluorescent lamps to long lamps over U-lamps, high CRI version lamps, custom-color sign lamps and standard sign lamps. Regardless of industry or application, Voltarc is ready with an effective solution for any application – one that will reduce energy costs while working in a variety of environments, including thermal and thermal diffused lamps for cold operating environments.


As always, Voltarc encourages all clients to voluntarily recycle our fluorescent sign lamps in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations for recycling, proper disposal and overall environmental responsibility. We know that lamp recycling is not self-supporting. The cost of lamp recycling, however, is only a small portion of the energy savings you attain from using Voltarc’s high-performing and energy-efficient lighting products.

Check our sustainability page and learn more about our companies green and environmentally friendly practices.