For bigger signs or longer letters, Voltarc’s flourescent sign long lamps reduce the number of wiring components, sockets and ballasts, while streamlining the construction process to achieve real savings compared to systems that use conventional shorter lamps. Installing 9- or 10-footers translates into fewer parts, fewer outages and less overall maintenance – adding to performance quality and cost-efficiency.

Big Signs Need Big Fluorescent Sign Lamps
Any time longer sign lamps would substantially reduce the number of lamps needed for a large sign, Voltarc’s 9-foot and 10-foot sign lamps provide the best value and performance and can be used like every other straight high-output fluorescent lamp.

The ballast should carry up to four F108, F117, F120T12/HO lamps – offered by all sign ballast makers. The sign-maker should provide starting aids to help in reliable lamp starting when temperatures are low or humidity is high. For double faced signs, a grounded strip of metal stretched the length of the lamp serves as the starting aid; ½ “ wide and ½” away or ¼“ wide, ¼” away are acceptable. For single-faced signs, the metal cabinet back will normally serve the purpose.

Voltarc XtraLongTM  High Output (HO) Lamps, 9-Foot & 10-Foot Fluorescent Sign Lamps


Cool White
Part #
Description Day Light
Part No.
Description DSN50
Part No.
13075 F108T12/CW/HO 13077 F108T12/D/HO 13076 F108T12/DSN50/HO
13081 F117T12/CW/HO 13083 F117T12/D/HO 13082 F117T12/DSN50/HO
13088 F120T12/CW/HO 13090 F120T12/D/HO 13089 F120T12/DSN50/HO


1 Packaged 12 lamps/carton


Voltarc XtraLong
TM  High Output (HO) Lamps, 9-Foot & 10-Foot Fluorescent Sign Lamps


Nominal Length including Sockets Actual Length between Sockets Lamp Watts Rated3 Life (hrs.) Lumens1
Cool White
Shipping Weight
F108T12/HO 108” 105 3/16 “ 124 12,000 10,200 12
F117T12/HO 117 “ 114 3/16 “ 132 12,000 11,200 12
F12012/HO 120 “ 117 3/16 “ 135 12,000 11,500 12


1 Normal Lumen Rating: Daylight, 83% of Cool White, DSN50, 70% of Cool White. Ratings are approx. initial lumens at 100 hrs.


2 Ballasts: Ballasts for 1,2,3 or 4 XtraLong straight lamps available from several manufacturers.

3 Rated Life: The rated life” of a statistically large group of lamps is defined as the time when 50% of the lamps have failed and 50% have survived. This is based on 3 hours of operation per start.