Fluorescent Light Technology – The Industry’s Standard of Excellence

The LightSources group and our leading affiliate in fluorescent light technology, LCD Lighting, strives to assist our OEM clients in obtaining measurable advantages in their respective markets through proprietary solutions and innovative technology.  Furthermore, our engineering team continues to work on cutting-edge research and development to improve the technology that goes into our fluorescent lamps.  LightSources and LCD Lighting’s clients have discovered that our specialty fluorescent technologies are among the best in the world and have set the bar for the industry’s standard of excellence.

Fluorescent Light Technology – What Goes Into Our Lamps


Our state-of-the-art fluorescent light technology allows us bring to the marketplace unsurpassed fluorescent lamps.  An example of one of the things that sets us apart from the competition is the truly unique Ultra-Bright™ technology.  Through an exclusive combination of manufacturing processes and advanced materials, LCD Lighting offers lamps that have double the efficacy (lm/watts), 50% improvement in lumen maintenance, and maximized lighting uniformity.


LCD Lighting’s one-of-a-kind Robo-Bend is another reason our fluorescent light technology excels.   The Robo-Bend allows serpentine hot- and cold-cathode lamps to be manufactured with an automated bending process.  Lighting engineers can replace backlight technology and/or multiple lamp systems with a single LCDL 8mm or 9mm serpentine hot-cathode lamp.

Long Life

Our unique cathode construction provides an extra-long operating life – up to 60,000 hours for T5 & T8 and up to 50,000 hours for T12 – when compared to standard fluorescent lamps. Long Life is perfect for many applications, including indoor/outdoor signage, advertising displays, exhibits, retail lighting, architectural, building fascia, warehouse and other hard-to-reach places.

High CRI (Color Rendering Index)

LCD Lighting’s proprietary high Color Rendering Index (CRI) has more rare earth tri-phosphors to provide true and natural color that is unmatched by other fluorescent manufacturers.  

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LightSources, together with our affiliated companies, represent the foremost high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  LCD Lighting, our leading affiliate in fluorescent lamps has designed and manufactured thousands of custom fluorescent lamps for virtually every type of OEM lighting application.  Contact us to learn more about our exclusive fluorescent light technology.

Installation of Amalgam Lamps
Light Sources and LightTech are the only manufacturers to offer vertical orientation for amalgam lamps, allowing for universal installation of our patented pellet amalgam lamps