LCD Lighting’s Robo-Bend manufacturing process technology allows serpentine hot- and cold-cathode lamps to be manufactured with automated bending processes. This technology reduces production time; our customers enjoy faster delivery and reduced inventories.

Lighting engineers can replace backlight technology and/or multiple lamp systems to save money. By reducing the number of cathodes in a backlight, the power loss (cathode fall) is greatly reduced. A typical 2:1 power saving is possible by reducing from six cold-cathodes to a single hot-cathode lamp.

Benefits of a single hot-cathode lamp versus 2, 4, 6, 8 or more lamps:

  • reduces the complexity
  • decreases assembly time, cost and risk elements of the electronics and wiring
  • permits wider dimming ratios over cold cathode lamps

Our Robo-Bend 8mm and 9mm hot-cathode lamps are available in a full spectrum of tri-band phosphors and feature:

  • long life
  • high-lumen output
  • excellent dimmability
  • improved luminance uniformity