Ultra-Bright™ is a unique combination of manufacturing processes and advanced materials that push the performance and quality levels of our lamps far beyond anything available on the market.

This technology can be applied to any hot- or cold- cathode, bent fluorescent lamp from 8mm to 25mm diameters. Our proprietary manufacturing process eliminates any performance loss at the bends, delivering more total lumen output for a given wattage input.

Advanced Protection
Our advanced overcoating material and proprietary lamp processing techniques deliver significantly better protection against Hg ion bombardment or the phosphor layer and solarization of the glass. This protection allows for extensively improved performance over standard technology lamps, hour for hour.

Batch Stability
LCD Lighting’s preferred phosphor sources and rigorous batch quality testing assures repeatable peak performance. Our special blue and other superior quality phosphors combine to increase luminance by up to 33%. Precision application of a measured even layer of phosphor is the key to Ultra-Bright’s ™ outstanding luminance uniformity and extraordinarily low lumen depreciation.

Benefits of LCD Lighting’s Ultra-Bright™ Technology:

  • Double the efficacy (lm/watt)
  • Longer lamp life
  • 50% improvement in lumen maintenance
  • Maximized lighting uniformity and readability
  • Improved display brightness
  • Reduced power requirements
  • Extended maintenance intervals

Lamp Coating & Bending Technology

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