Long Life

Our Long Life Technology filament assembly fully encloses the filament with a shield, called Cup-Cathode Technology, creating a longer life and greater efficiency by preventing filament emission coating sputter which leads to lumen depreciation. This technology is available in T8 Long Life and T12 Long Life.

We design our T8 and T12 lamps for indoor and outdoor signage, advertising displays, exhibits, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, as well as retail lighting, architectural, building fascia, warehouse, and hard-to-lamp places.

Thermal and Thermal Diffused Lamps
Using the Long Life Technology lamps as a building block, Thermal and Thermal Diffused lamps are designed for cold (low-temperature) operating environments. The Long Life Technology Lamp encapsulates the T8 lamp in a T12 sleeve providing a thermal insulation for the fluorescent tube to reach full brightness.

Thermal Lamps vs. Standard Lamps

Whether building, designing, or retrofitting an existing sign, our Long Life Technology T8 and T12 lamps are easy to incorporate and have recessed double contacts for RDC end caps to eliminate lampholder change out.  Long Life Technology T8 RDCs are designed to operate on the most popular electronic sign ballasts.

Bases and Sockets
Recessed double contact construction provides ease of use, safety, and reliability for bases and sockets.


  • Longer Life: based on a 12-hour switching cycle
    T8 lamps have a life expectancy of up to six times greater than standard T12 HO lamps.
    T12 – with an electronic warm start ballast, Max T12 lamps have a rated useful life up to five times greater than standard T12 HO lamps.
  • Greater Efficiency:
    T8’s are up to 40% more efficient than standard T12 lamps.
    T12’s are up to 25% more efficient than standard T12 lamps when used with an electronic warm start ballast.
  • Built to Industry Standards:
    Long life T8 and T 12 lamps are made to the same length as the standard T12 HO lamps to fit into existing systems.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    With a longer rated life, there are fewer replacements and fewer lamps to recycle.
  • Ballast Compatibility:They are compatible with most currently available electronic warm start sign ballasts.

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