Specialty Fluorescent Lamps Transportation Lighting

LCD Lighting has special fluorescent lamps for a multitude of transit lighting applications. We work with the OEM’s engineers and designers to meet even the most difficult design requirement, regardless of shape, color, diameter, length, or end termination.

HCFL & CCFL – Technical Specifications

  • Lamp Types: Hot-Cathode (HCFL) and Cold-Cathode (CCFL)
  • Diameter: 6mm through 38mm
  • Shapes: Straight, gentle curve, rigid angle, U-Shape, circular, serpentine/grid, compact, etc.
  • Length: 50mm through 3050mm

Available Colors

  • Standard lamp colors: Cool White and Daylight (both halos and tri-bands)
  • Color corrected lamps: High CRI for painting booths and decal work.
  • Custom phosphor blending (both halos and tri-bands):
    for consistently precise color temperature, CRI index and brightness (lm/watt)

End Terminations
Cloverleaf, slim-line, mini-Bi-Pin, medium-Bi-Pin, RDC, single-ended 2 and 4 pin, custom bases & sockets, plastic or ceramic, wire leads, connectors, etc.

Harness Assemblies Available
LCD Lighting can work with OEMs to make connections for their specific applications. Please visit or Lamp Sub-Assembly page for more information about our value-added solutions.
Custom Colors
Readily available colors include: cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, and tri-band. We also provide ultraviolet and infrared phosphors. Colors can be blended to produce the precise desired color requirements in a wide range within the visible spectrum. Please visit our High CRI page for more information.
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Custom Bases
Our team at LCD Lighting also offers a wide variety of custom bases.

Did You Know?

Did you know HCFL’s use a tungsten filament and CCFL’s use a cylindrical metal shell?… > Learn More