Stage, Screen, Studio & Theatre Lighting

Our lamps offer precision color rendering for film, theatrical, architectural, display, and interior decorative applications, as well as lighting for museums, auditoriums, and movie theaters.

SSTV/Film Applications
LCD Lighting® Kel Select™ lamps are specifically designed for SSTV/Film applications. The phosphor blend in Kel Select™ 32 lamps has been formulated to be completely compatible with supplemental tungsten halogen light sources and the specific demands of filming with 32 film. The phosphor blend used in Kel Select™ 56 lamps is formulated to be completely compatible with supplemental HMI® and other 56 light sources as well as meeting the specific demands of 56 film.

The sensitivity of film is considerably different than that of the human eye. Therefore, there are more stringent requirements to providing phosphor blends that are compatible for filming than there is for simple general lighting. While general lighting needs to be altered with special gels and filters, our Kel Select™ lamps are made exclusively to meet the exacting requirements for filming.

Watt Style KS32 “3200 K”Description  KS56 “5600K”Description  Nominal
40 U6 FBU6-40T12/KS32/BP FBU6-40T12/KS56/BP 22.5 12
45 T8 F15T8/KS32/BP F15T8/KS56/BP 18 24
17 T8 FO17T8/KS32/BP FO17T8/KS56/BP 24 24
25 T8 FO25T8/KS32/BP FO25T8/KS56/BP 36 24
32 T8 FO32/T8/KS32/BP FO32/T8/KS56/BP 48 24
75 T8 F96/T8/KS32/BP F96/T8/KS56/BP 96 24
20 T12 F20T12/KS32/BP F20T12/KS56/BP 24 15
30 T12 F30T12/KS32/BP F30T12/KS56/BP 36 15
40 T12 F40T12/KS32/BP F40T12/KS56/BP 48 15
55 T12 F72T12/KS32/SL F72T12/KS56/SL 72 15
75 T12 F96T12/KS32/SL F96T12/KS56/SL 96 15
110 T12 F96T12/KS32/HO F96T12/KS56/HO 96 15
Note: T8 and U-Bend lamps are packaged in standard OEM packaging. Not advisable to ship U-Bend lamps nor lamps over 4ft by common carrier.

Televisions and Video – Blue and Green Screen lamps
In television and video work, the color blue has traditionally been used for special effects work. Today, green is popular.

Red Lamps Blue Lamps
420 mA Wattage  Nominal Length 420 mA Wattage  Nominal Length
F32T8/RED/BP 32 48 F15T8/UB/BP 15 18
F20T12/RED/BP 20 24 F20T8/UB/BP 20 24
F40T12/RED/BP 40 48 F32T8/UB/BP 32 48
F72T12/RED/SL 55 72 F20T12/UB/BP 20 24
F96T12/RED/SL 75 96 F40T12/UB/BP 40 48
F72T12/UB/SL 55 72
Pink Lamps F96T12/UB/SL 75 96
420 mA Wattage  Nominal Length F48T12/UB/HO 63 48
F32T8/PINK/BP 32 48 F64T12/UB/HO 76 64
F20T12/PINK/BP 20 24 F72T12/UB/HO 100 72
F40T12/PINK/BP 40 48 F96T12/UB/HO 110 96
F72T12/PINK/SL 55 72 F108T12/UB/HO 110 108
F96T12/PINK/SL 75 96
Green Lamps
Gold Lamps 420 mA Wattage  Nominal Length
420 mA Wattage  Nominal Length F15T8/GR/BP 15 18
F15T8/GOLD/BP 15 18 F20T8/GR/BP 20 24
F30T8/GOLD/BP 30 36 F30T8/GR/BP 30 36
F32T8/GOLD/BP 32 48 F32T8/GR/BP 32 48
F20T12/GOLD/BP 20 24 F20T12/GR/BP 20 24
F40T12/GOLD/BP 40 48 F40T12/GR/BP 40 48
F60T12/GOLD/SL 50 60 F59T12/GR/BP-65W 65 59
F72T12/GOLD/SL 55 72 F71T12/GR/BP-85W 85 71
F96T12/GOLD/SL 75 96 F72T12/GR/SL 85 72
F96T12/GR/SL 75 96

Architectural/ Display and Interior Decorative and Color Effect lamps
Our colored lamps can be used anywhere  and are ideal for  parties, carnivals, museums,  sculpture, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and many other places. The phosphor used to coat the glass lamps gives the light true color (red, green, blue, pink, and gold). We do not use an exterior coating or color shield. Our phosphor blends will not fade or peel.

The lamps are available in all sizes from 18 inches to 96 inches and can be customized to meet specific system designs. Specialized production runs are never a problem.   

Museum Lighting

Oil paintings, Paper, Textiles, Plant Materials, Sculpture, Stone, Glass, Wood and Metal

Museums are very conscious in how gallery, viewing spaces and displays are architecturally designed and lit. Architects, designers and artists want to heighten the public’s viewing experience in every way possible. Many times the lighting is as much a part of the experience as the art itself. The creation of a memorable mood and setting is key.

LCD Lighting has been producing critical color lamps of this nature since the inception of fluorescent lighting. We understand the complexities in designing and manufacturing fluorescent lamps to meet the architects, artists and curator’s standards. 

Auditorium Lighting and Movie Theater Lighting

We offer standard and custom color lighting for auditorium and movie theater lighting applications. Our standard colors include cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, and tri-band, with ultraviolet and infrared phosphors available. Colors can be blended to produce customized solutions. Please visit our High CRI page for more information about custom colors.

Our Long Life technology offers a longer operating life and greater efficiency to reduce maintenance costs and frequency of service (i.e. lamp changes).

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