Custom Lamp Sub-Assemblies

Specialty Fluorescent Lamps - Harness AssembliesOur custom lamp sub assemblies (LSA) are a value-added service that offers convenience and savings. We are able to produce on-site fully assembled LSA units according to our clients’ design drawings and specifications. The LSA includes the lamp, wiring harnesses, connectors, heaters, sensors and reflective back plate or cavity.

Our new isolated clean room assembly area features state-of-the-art ESD equipment and workstations for electrostatic discharge free assembly. The addition of key experienced personnel underscores our investment to better serve our customers.

Is LCD Lighting Already Producing Your Fluorescent Lamps?

Take advantage of our experience, assembly acumen, lower labor rates, reduced shrinkage, lower material inventories and improved cycle times by having us assemble your LSA modules in accordance with your drawings and specifications. You will receive a fully-tested module to “plug-and-play” into your system.

LCD Lighting can perform any or all of the following value-added services with lower costs and faster turnaround:

  • Lamp Heater
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Optical Sensor
  • Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC)
  • Wire Harness Assembly with or without Connector
  • Reflective Back plate or Lamp Cavity
  • Full LSA Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
Lamp Sub-Assemblies 1
Lamp Sub-Assemblies 2
Lamp Sub-Assemblies 3