Custom Fluorescent Lamps

With our proprietary manufacturing process, we can provide solutions tailored to our clients’ specific, custom fluorescent lamp requirements. Every aspect of the lamp can be customized, including its size, electrical, color, and shape. Custom ceramic end caps and our value-added sub-assemblies service are also available.


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Below is a list of the generally accepted tube diameter ranges, tube numbers and linear length ranges for different categories of lamps.

Lamp Type  Diameter
 (Min. – Max.)
 (Min. – Max.)
Sub-Miniature 2.0mm -10mm 1.5″(38mm) – 21.5″(550mm) All
Miniature 6.0mm – 20mm 1.5″(38mm) – 72″(1,830mm) All
    Avionics 6.0mm – 20mm  • 1.5″(38mm) – 72″(1,830mm) All
Aperture &
3.0mm – 38mm T2 -T12 1.5″(38mm) – 96″(3,048mm) Straight
T4 -T5 Watts: 5, 7, 9, 13, 18,
24 & 36
2.0mm – 38mm T2 -T8 1.5″(38mm) – 96″(3,048mm) All
  Specialty 2.0mm – 254mm T2 -T8 1.5″(38mm) – 96″(3,048mm) All


We offer both cold-cathode (CCFL) and hot-cathode (HCFL) fluorescent lamps in slim-Line, high output and very high output.


Standard phosphors can be blended for customization, matching your exact color requirements in a wide range within the visible spectrum. Standard colors include cool white, warm white, daylight, blue, green, red, ultraviolet, infrared, and tri-band.
Our proprietary color rendering (CRI) with more rare earth tri-phosphors provide true and natural colors that are unmatched by other fluorescent manufacturers.

C.I.E. U.C.S. Chromaticity Diagram
Specifying Color of Fluorescent Lamps

When it comes to choosing the best color for fluorescent lamps, the most common response is, “It does not matter, as long as it’s white.” Since we have more than 100 different ‘shades of white’, or phosphor blends, to chose from, a slight variation can make a big difference for many applications. The best way to define the color is by the color coordinates. Below is the 1976 C.I.E. U.C.S. Chromaticity Diagram to help in selecting a specific color. We will choose our closest existing phosphor to the color coordinates you have selected. If, however, one of our commonly used phosphors does not meet your needs, we can develop a new blend just for you. For more information in color selection, please visit our FAQ page.



We offer specialty fluorescent lamps in a variety of shapes, including “U”, ”L”, circular, towel bar, and single bend angles, from 5° to 175°, and complex diameters from 2.0, 2.6, 3.0, 3.8, 4.8, 6.5, 7.0 to 38mm.


Straight , “L” and “U” Lamps

Straight lamps can be almost any length, but are typically limited to the maximum length of standard tubes. “L” lamps and “U” lamps have a single bend.
    L and U shapes

Multiple Bend, Grid Lamps

Grid lamps have more than one bend in one or more planes. Electrode legs can be in the same plane, a parallel plane, or at right angles to the plane of the grid.
    Multiple Bend Grid Lamps

Circular Lamps

Circular lamps can be circular or oval in almost any size. The electrode legs can be parallel to the plane of the circle or in a plane at a right angle to the plane of the circle.
    Circular Fluorescent Lamp

Interlocking Lamps

Interlocking lamps are for applications requiring redundancy; more than one lamp is used so that the display continues to be illuminated if one lamp fails. The lamps are designed to interlock ( i.e. overlap in the same plane to provide optimum uniformity of light).
    Interlocking Fluorescent Lamps

Custom Fluorescent Lamp Designs

No matter which size or shape of miniature, sub-miniature fluorescent lamp or aperture and reflector lamp you need – we can engineer, design and manufacture the lamps that will fit your unique application requirements. In over 27 years of manufacturing experience the LightSources group and LCD Lighting have custom-designed for virtually every market application you can think of.

Download the design requirements data sheet today or contact us for more information.