The LightSources group and LCD Lighting, manufacturer of miniature and subminiature fluorescent lamps, offer Compact Fluorescent Lamps, CFL bulbs, in a wide range of standard configurations with custom configurations available.

CFL Bulbs: Standard and Custom Configurations

LCD Lighting, LCDL, offers CFL light bulbs with many standard configurations and options for choosing size, shape, wattage, standard or special arc lengths and the full range of specialty phosphors.  

Commonly requested Phosphors include: 

  • Bilirubin Blue/intense blue (475 nm)
  • DB
  • Green
  • Red (620 nm)
  • Red (658 nm)
  • Super Diazo  420 nm
  • UVA:  Wideband – Black Light –  (350 nm)
  • UVA-1: Narrow Band  – Black Light – (369 nm)
  • UVB  ( 312 nm)
  • NBUVB: Narrow Band UVB

We can customize UVA/ UVB and actinic phosphors and offer combination lamps with two different phosphors (one in each tube), it’s like having two bulbs in one. 

CFL Bulbs - Compact Fluorescent Lamps 1
CFL Bulbs - Compact Fluorescent Lamps 2
CFL Bulbs - Compact Fluorescent Lamps 3

Some of our Standard Configurations


BF-EOL max
LTC5W/**/† 12.5 83 5 180 34
LTC7W/**/† 12.5 115 7 175 47
LTC9W/**/† 12.5 145 9 170 60
LTC11W/**/† 12.5 214 11 160 89
LTC18W/**/† 17.5 225 18 370 60
LTC24W/**/† 17.5 320 24 350 87
LTC25W/**/† 12.5 172 25 350 90
LTC36W/**/† 17.5 415 36 440 105
LTC55W/**/† 17.5 535 55 540 103
LTC65W/**/† 17.5 535 65 670 121
LTC96W/**/† 17.5 838 96 950 101
† Insert Base Required:  G23, GX23, 2G7, 2G11, GY10q, GY10q6, SQ
**Insert Phosphor Required.

Benefits of CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs for specialty lamps provide high light output (lm/watt) without consuming high energy or producing excessive heat as compared to incandescent lamps of comparable light output. This helps to reduce maintenance costs with many CFL lamps lasting more than 10,000 hours of life compared to standard halogen lights which last for about 2000 hours on average. CFL lamps produce a higher lumen output than incandescent lighting sources that use a lot more energy.

CFL lamps emit a bright, crisp light that provides a nice ambient lighting as well as clear and bright for detailed task work with excellent color rendering. CFL bulbs are very versatile and can be used in place of incandescent bulbs in just about any normal setting. They are available in many shapes and sizes and can work with three-way lighting and dimmers.

CFL Bulb Applications

Compact fluorescent bulbs can be used in many residential places in place of incandescent and halogen lights such as in table lamps, recessed fixtures, ceiling lights or track lighting. CFL lamps are used in many commercial applications as they are extremely popular for their bright light and long-lasting life coupled with low energy use. These properties make CFL bulbs common in places like hallways and hotels, lighting for busy business offices, commercial properties like libraries and museums all benefit from the long life of CFL lamps.

CFL lamps are popular in many industrial applications such as quality control inspections in manufacturing, warehouses, shipping and receiving and many other functions. CFL lamps are utilized and outdoor security lighting and parking garages also due to their long life and bright light.

CFL Bulb Solutions from LightSources and LCDL

LightSources and valued partner LCDL offer compact fluorescent light bulbs for specialty applications. Download the LCDL T-4 & T-5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps Technical Guide to learn more about the many options available for our T-4 and T-5 compact fluorescent lamps for specialty applications.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources group offers lighting solutions to a wide range of industries and applications worldwide. Our valued partners such as LCDL provide high quality, best in class lighting solutions for compact miniature and subminiature fluorescent lighting applications. Contact us to learn more and let us help design the best specialty lamps with the right size, shape, and phosphor blends for your application with custom CFL bulbs.