LightSources Inc. offers superior quality vacuum-sealed medium pressure ultraviolet (MPUV or MPHO) lamps for water, air and surface disinfection applications.

Applications and Advantages

MPUV lamps are primarily used in the waste water disinfection industry and in marine ballast water treatment systems. MPUV lamps emit significantly more UVC energy than low pressure ultraviolet lamps (LPUV) which allows for higher flow rates of water disinfection while maintaining a compact geometric footprint. Another advantage of MPUV’s is that they produce a polychromatic (emission of multiple wavelengths) output. Polychromatic UVC lamps are used to promote advanced oxidation processes (AOP’s) which are efficient in the reduction and removal of micro-pollutants (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, insecticides, etc.) in waste water.


LightSources Inc. offers the ability to customize your MPUV /MPHO lamps to your own specification and application needs. Lamps are available from 100 watts per inch to over 700 watts per inch, with arc lengths ranging from 2 to 85 inches.

Quality Lamp Construction

All of our MPUV lamps are constructed from the finest materials and manufacturing techniques available, including:

  • High-quality, ultra-low water content fused quartz,
  • Molybdenum foil within a hard quartz capillary allowing for a hermetic seal
  • Pure tungsten pin electrodes with an over-wind of thoriated tungsten.
  • Each lamp is pumped and filled with an inert Argon gas in an exacting process ensuring total accuracy of fill pressure and mercury content.
  • A metal or ceramic base and suitable electrical termination to ensure safe and effective electrical conductivity.
  • Each lamp has a serial number enabling complete traceability from start to finish in the production and measurement process.

MPUV lamp drawing

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