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Wire Connections and Terminations

The following wire connections and terminations are standard to MPUV lamps, but we provide a variety of options to meet our clients’ specific requirements. 

Guidelines for Wires:

  • 16 AWG for 10-11 amp
  • 14 AWG for 11-15 amp
  • 12 AWG for Over 15 amp

Teflon Insulated Wire:

  • Rated up to 1000 lamp volts

Silicon Sleeved Teflon Wire:

  • Rated up to 1700 lamp volts

Silicon Sleeved Rubber Coated Fiberglass:

  • Over Teflon Insulated Wire:
  • Rated for over 1700 lamp volts

Basic Wire Terminations:

  • Blunt cut
  • 1/4″ stripped end


wire_end_terminations (1)
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