LightSources and our strategic partner LightTech manufacture a wide selection of standard and customized UV quartz sleeves and jackets, providing lamp protection in a wide array of industries and applications.

UV quartz sleevesUV Quartz Sleeves: a Smart Investment

The main purpose of quartz sleeves and jackets is to provide protection against air and water flow, breakage, leakage, and temperature fluctuations, as well as other environmental hazards. UV quartz sleeves provide this added protection without sacrificing lamp efficiency, making them a smart investment.

UV quartz sleeves can be applied to a range of germicidal UVC lamp types, including standard, high output (HO), and amalgam. Numerous options are available, including open or closed (domed) ends, fire-polished or saw-cut ends, and other custom shapes.

Quartz Sleeves: Protection in Any Application

LightSources offers quartz sleeves in a wide array of diameters and lengths to protect UV lamps in a variety of industrial applications. Quartz sleeves from LightSources are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components for use in:

• Air purification units
• Water disinfection units
• Surface disinfection systems
• Photochemical reactors
• Other specialized equipment

We work with OEMs to design, engineer, and manufacture the perfect UV lamp to suit individual needs with custom-designed quartz sleeves for long-lasting, added protection in any application.

UV quartz sleevesBenefits of UV Quartz Sleeves

Quartz sleeves from LightSources provide many benefits with added protection for UV bulbs without sacrificing lamp performance. Some of the most recognized benefits of quartz sleeves include:

• Long-lasting UV lamp protection
• Useful for applications in small spaces
• Innovative two-tube linear technology
• Top quality materials and engineering
• Customized, proprietary design options

These benefits make quartz sleeves a wise investment with added benefits realized when partnering with LightSources. LightSources offers the technical expertise, capacity, and resources to respond quickly to OEM’s unique requirements for any application.

LightSources: Quality Lamps and Quartz Sleeves

LightSources works with OEMs to design, engineer, and manufacture quality UV lamps customized to suit individual requirements. We offer proprietary lamp solutions with custom configurations, allowing our customers to maintain replacement sales within the OEM market. This is often an untapped source of tremendous revenue and repeat business.

The numerous benefits combined with exceptional service from a leading global lamp supplier make quartz sleeves a worthwhile investment.

Most Commonly Used Quartz Sleeves:

Inside Diameter  Outside Diameter  Wall Thickness 
mm mm mm
17.0 19.0 1.00
18.0 20.5 1.25
19.6 22.0 1.20
20.0 22.0 1.00
20.0 22.5 1.25
20.0 23.0 1.50
22.0 24.5 1.25
22.0 25.0 1.50
25.0 28.0 1.50
26.0 30.0 2.00
26.4 30.0 1.80
30.0 33.0 1.50
32.0 36.0 2.00
34.0 38.0 2.00
35.0 38.0 1.50
42.0 45.0 1.50
44.0 48.0 2.00
45.0 48.0 1.50

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LightSources and our affiliated companies, LCD Lighting, Voltarc along with strategic partners LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our highly skilled team specializes in creating innovative solutions and proprietary technologies. Contact us to learn more about our exclusive UV quartz sleeves.