Germicidal UVC Technology

Offering our clients the highest-quality products and the best UV light technology in the germicidal industry is very important to us.  LightSources and LightTech’s team of experienced engineers are continually developing innovative solutions and proprietary technologies that are used worldwide.

UV Light Technology – Utilizing Proprietary Solutions


One example of our UV light technology is LongLife+™, which is a specialty coating that dramatically increases the lifespan of germicidal lamps up to 16,000 hours.

The technology is environmentally friendly, with TCLP compliant standard lamps, low mercury (Hg) technology, and less than 10mg Hg for pellet amalgam lamps.

Shatter ProTech

Shatter ProTech technology makes our lamps shatter resistant, and by containing glass fragments, eliminates the possibility for mercury contamination.  Shatter resistance helps reduce human and product risk, glass related injuries, damage to expensive systems, equipment and product contamination, and lost production time.

The Shatter ProTech shield is heat and acid resistant and more cost-efficient than quartz sleeves. This proprietary UV light technology will fit any lamp geometry and offers high performance at a low cost.


We are committed to supporting our customers with their system level validation needs.  Our technical team is ready to assist with specially designated samples, controlled production lots or beta site testing support.

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LightSources and our affiliated companies, LCD Lighting, Voltarc along with strategic partners LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Contact us to discover more about our specialty UV light technology.

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