Specialty Fluorescent Lamp Technology Downloads

Handling of Broken Lamps

NEMA-Handling of broken lamps

NEMA-Proper Use and Disposal of Mercury-added Lamps 2012

RoHS and REACH Compliance Statement

Conflict Minerals Report (CMRT Rev. 5.11)

Proposition 65 Letter

SDS for Specialty Fluorescent Lamps

Safety Data Sheet LCD Lighting Fluorescent Leaded 2016

Safety Data Sheet LCD Lighting Fluorescent Lead Free USA

Safety Data Sheet LCD Lighting Fluorescent Subminiature USA

Marketing Material – Leaflets:

LCD Lighting – Sub-Miniature Lamps

LCD Lighting – T2 to T12 Lamps

LCD Lighting – T4 and T5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps

LCD Lighting – Aperture & Reflectors

LCD Lighting – T4 & T5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps 


Data Sheets / Lamp Specifications:

Industrial Curing: Low Pressure & Medium Pressure UV Lamp Series

Common Black Light & BLC Lamp Configurations

SDI Lamp Configurations 

MedSun Therapy Lamp Series

MedSun Therapy Lamp –


Lamp Design Drawings & Spectrum Graphs:

Medical Phototherapy Lamps – Spectrum Graphs & Action Curves

ANSI and IEC Reference Specs for Common Lamps:

Aperture Angle vs. Aperture Luminous Gain

Aperture Angle vs. Relative Flux

Aperture Lamp Configuration Drawings

Aperture & Reflector Orientation Drawings

Light Distribution Pattern of a Fluorescent Reflector Lamp

Patented Base & Socket Configuration Drawing (Sample) 


Custom Lamp Design Form:

Custom Design Requirements Form


No matter which size or shape of miniature, sub-miniature fluorescent lamp or aperture and reflector lamp you need – we can engineer, design and manufacture the lamps that will fit your unique application requirements. In over 27 years of manufacturing experience the Light Sources group and LCD Lighting have custom-designed for virtually every market application you can think of.

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