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LightSources and our valued partners are world leading manufacturers of superior lamp components, with experience in phototherapy lamps including our UV lamp for eczema. Eczema is very common with more than 30 million Americans having some form of this skin condition.  There are various types of eczema such as atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, and dyshidrotic eczema.  Symptoms are different for everyone, although the most common symptoms include:

  • Inflamed, red skin
  • Extreme itching
  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Rough, scaly or leathery patches of skin
  • Dark colored patches of skin
  • Crusting or oozing
  • Areas of swelling

Itchiness is a common symptom no matter the type of eczema you have and can develop into severe cases where people scratch until they bleed, which only makes eczema worse. When babies and children develop eczema, it is usually seen on their cheeks and chin, although it can appear anywhere on the body.  In many cases, children will outgrow eczema although it can last into adulthood for some people. Adults that did not have eczema as a child may develop it in adulthood as well.

While the exact cause is unknown, one thing is clear, people that are affected from eczema want relief from the red, itchy skin and the emotional stress this bothersome skin condition can cause.  

Patients Find Relief with a UV Lamp for Eczema

There is no known cure for eczema, although there are effective treatments with topical ointments, corticosteroids, and phototherapy with an eczema lamp. Ultraviolet light in the form of UVA, UVB and narrow band UVB wavelengths has been proven effective at improving symptoms and controlling outbreaks of eczema.  Phototherapy, or light therapy, is delivered under a doctor’s care with a UV lamp for eczema, in a controlled setting or for in home use by following your physician’s instructions.

Patients that see an improvement in their skin during the summer months are more likely to respond positively with light therapy.  For those living in the northern hemisphere, sunlight is scarce during fall and winter making a UV lamp for eczema an option for treating and controlling eczema for these patients.  

Light is separated by colors, and measured in wavelengths, or nanometers (nm). Ultraviolet light is proven to suppress the immune system, which reduces inflammation.  UVA light at 315 to 400 nm, UVB at a wavelength of 280 to 315 nm, and narrow band UVB at a wavelength of 310 nm are all used to successfully treat patients with eczema.

According to the National Eczema Association, phototherapy is prescribed to treat most types of eczema, with a narrow band UVB lamp for eczema the most common type of light therapy.  The UVB eczema lamp emits UVB wavelengths similar to the sun which is proven to help many types of eczema. Some patients use a medication called psoralen during UVA treatments which makes their skin more sensitive to the UV exposure.  

LightSources Offers Relief with our Eczema Lamp

LightSources and LightTech are recognized for developing cutting edge technology in the lamp and lighting industry.  We provide lighting solutions to a multitude of applications around the world with high performing, long lasting lamps and lamp components.  Our engineers are skilled in design and development, possessing vast expertise of UV technology and phototherapy lamps.

LightSources and our valued partners are global leaders in the lighting and lamp industry with design, development and production of high-tech lamps and components.  Contact us to speak with an experienced lamp and lighting specialist about our phototherapy lamps including the UV lamp for eczema.