UVB Lamp for VitiligoUV lamp for vitiligo


LightSources and our valued partner companies represent the leading high-tech lamp designers in the world, developing lamps for lighting solutions including a phototherapy UVB lamp for vitiligo.  Vitiligo is a skin condition where white patches appear on the skin due to a reduction of melanin.  This is thought to be an autoimmune disease where the body’s pigment forming cells, melanocytes, are attacked by the immune system.

The main symptom of vitiligo are white patches on the skin which may be all over the body or clumped together and may be accompanied with premature graying of the hair and hair loss.  Vitiligo usually starts with a rapid loss of skin color, then a period with no change, followed by another cycle of pigment loss. These cycles can continue throughout life.

How a UV Lamp for Vitiligo Helps


UVB Vitiligo 1A vitiligo UVB phototherapy lamp is a popular method of treatment for this skin condition.  Using a combination of an ultraviolet lamp for vitiligo along with medication is a treatment used to put pigment back into the white patches.  Patients apply a psoralen cream or take psoralen medication orally, which makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light, then the medication is activated by exposure to a UV lamp for vitiligo.    

Vitiligo is primarily treated with a UVB narrow band lamp, which is safe, effective and proven to help repigment the areas of white patches.  According to the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, the use of psoralen medication with a UVB lamp for vitiligo is up to 85% effective in over 70% of patients.  This treatment is also called PUVA, psoralen plus the use of a UV lamp for vitiligo.

LightSources Offers Solutions with Our UVB Lamp for Vitiligo

LightSources and our valued partner companies design and produce high-quality lighting solutions for a multitude of applications worldwide.  We invest in research and development to continually improve lighting solutions, providing cutting edge technology and patented products. We strive to improve energy efficiency while conducting green practices in all lamp production.  Our lamps are recognized worldwide for high quality and long-lasting performance.

The LightSources Group is recognized for high quality lamp products used across a multitude of industries worldwide.  Contact us today to learn more about our phototherapy treatment lamps including our UVB lamp for vitiligo.