UV Light Air Purification Systems for a Variety of Applications

LightSources and LightTech’s high-quality UV light air purification systems are used for a wide variety of applications by industries across the globe. Germicidal UV technology offers safe and affordable solutions for disinfecting air and removing toxins and harmful exhausts released into the air by many industries. In addition, germicidal UV lamps cost-effectively control nuisance odors created by industries such as wastewater plants. With a broad range of proprietary standard and customized UV lamps for air purification and odor control, our system-level designs take into account ambient operating conditions, UVC watts, operating life, and other performance issues.

UV Light Air Purification Systems – Easy to Maintain and Operate

For industries that require clean and disinfected environments such as scientific laboratories, UV light air purification systems offer an environmentally safe solution. Germicidal UV lamps reduce the amount of ‘live’ organisms in the air as well as disinfect equipment and surfaces in the room when employees are not present. Additionally, high-powered UVC lamps are used in critical areas in hospitals such as surgical suites and procedure rooms to quickly disinfect the air and surfaces.

Our UV lamps are also commonly installed in new or existing HVAC systems, which can be a breeding ground for illness-causing pathogens, and contaminants that aggravate asthma and other respiratory ailments. By using germicidal wavelengths of 254nm, the lamps attack airborne pollutants and mold spores, rendering them unable to reproduce.

Along with air treatment and odor control, LightSources and LightTech also produce a range of UVC lamps used for the purification of municipal and domestic drinking water, food processing and protection (irradiation), and water reclamation. Furthermore, we will expertly customize just about anything on our lamps including the length and diameter, power, fitting sockets, and the ceramic base.

LightSources in the U.S. and our European partner, LightTech are worldwide leaders in the germicidal UVC light industry. We partner with OEMs of any size to design, engineer and mass-produce new types of proprietary and specialty lamps cost-efficiently and with short turnaround. Please contact us for more information about the affordability and safety of UV light air purification systems.

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