UVC Air Purification Systems for Air Disinfection and Odor Control

UVC air purification systems have quickly become the preferred choice for many industries around the world including healthcare, commercial, industrial, and residential. Together LightSources and LightTech, bring their vast expertise to designing, engineering and producing high-quality UV germicidal lamps in a wide range of both standard and customized configurations. UVC air purification offers a safe solution for disinfection, odor control, and the removal of harmful and toxic chemicals released into the air by some industries. In addition our lamps are easy to operate and maintain and do not create any hazardous waste or byproducts.

Advantages of UVC Air Purification Systems

For institutions such as hospitals and other healthcare environments including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices, air quality is critical for health. One commonly used method for dealing with airborne contaminants including fungi, viruses, bacteria, spores, parasite and dust-mites is to install an UVC air purification system in an existing or new heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Germicidal UVC lamps also provide an environmentally safe and affordable solution to improving the air quality in the workplace. This technology is especially important in eliminating toxic chemicals produced by certain industries such as printing, rubber and plastic or in wood and surface treatments. When companies take the steps to reduce or eliminate VOCs and industrial exhausts containing solvents, they are protecting the health of their workforce.

UVC air purification uses germicidal wavelengths of 254nm to successfully attack DNA-based airborne pollutants and mold spores and to breakdown the DNA molecular bonds, making them unable to reproduce. Another benefit of the technology is that the maintenance and cleaning of the HVAC system is reduced or eliminated as the UV lamps clean the coils of mold and bio-films while it is disinfecting the upstream air flow.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources in the U.S. and our strategic partner in Europe, LightTech are worldwide leaders in the germicidal UVC light industry. We partner with OEMs of any size to design, engineer and mass-produce new types of proprietary and specialty lamps cost-efficiently and with short turnaround. Contact us to learn more about the efficiency and safety of UVC air purification systems.

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