UVC Wavelength Delivers Effective Air Sterilization

Ultraviolet (UV) light is measured in wavelengths with the UVC wavelength within the range of 100 nanometer (nm) to 280 nm emitting highly effective sterilization power.  UVC germicidal wavelength at 260nm is the most effective to kill harmful microorganisms in the air, water and on surfaces.  UVC light emitted at 185nm is used in UV germicidal systems to produce ozone, which is utilized in water and air purification systems.  Ozone generating UV lamps are proven to eliminate odor in the air caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as ammonia, mercaptans and sulfides.

LightSources designs, develops and manufactures UVC germicidal lamps which harness this powerful electromagnetic radiation to provide the most effective, yet cost-efficient, sterilization and purification systems available today.  

How UVC Wavelength Sterilizes and Purifies

Germicidal lamps utilize powerful UVC wavelength to destroy disease causing germs including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae, effectively sterilizing and purifying air, water and surfaces.  UVC disinfection targets the nucleic acid of these harmful cells, rearranging the genetic information, or DNA, and rendering them harmless. As the UVC radiation is absorbed into the cells they become unable to reproduce or multiply to infectious numbers and are considered inactive or dead.  

Germicidal Lamps Produce UVC Wavelength Sterilization

UV lamps emit radioactive power in the UVC wavelength of 100nm to 280nm, with UVC ozone generating germicidal lamps emitting electromagnetic energy with wavelengths at 185nm.  UV light at this nanometer decomposes oxygen, O², producing ozone, O³. Ozone producing germicidal lamps are an important part of air and water disinfection systems as ozone is a powerful oxidizer destroying microorganisms on contact.

Low Pressure and Medium Pressure germicidal lamps transmit UVC radiation in the range of 254nm, which is near the maximum absorption level of nucleic acids.  Low pressure amalgam UVC germicidal lamps improve stability in applications with fluctuations in ambient temperatures. LightSources offers patented pellet and spot amalgam lamps with filaments engineered to withstand higher current operations.  

LightSources Provides Cost-Efficient UVC Air Purification Lamps

LightSources is committed to providing UVC germicidal lamps with the most effective sterilization and air purification properties.  Our lamps provide long life, low maintenance, high performance and cost-efficiency. Our extremely knowledgeable UV lighting engineers offer custom designed UVC lamps designed to meet the specific requirements of your application and product.  

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources and our affiliated partners represent the leading high-tech designers of UVC germicidal lamps available in the industry today.  We provide germicidal solutions for surface, water and air purification systems used worldwide. Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn how you can harness the power of the most effective, germ killing UVC wavelength.