UVC HVAC Custom Designed for HVAC Applications

The LightSources Group is a proven authority on air disinfection UV technology such as for UVC HVAC applications including the customization of UVC lamps for UV air purification products. We design, engineer and manufacture the most effective UVC germicidal lamps available for long-lasting disinfection effectiveness. Our germicidal lamps are found worldwide in many residential, commercial and industrial UV air purification products and systems including businesses, restaurants, medical offices, hospitals, and factories, providing disinfected air to occupants and the public.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation instantly eradicates harmful contaminants from the air within seconds of exposure to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, mold spores, and mildew. UVC radiation is extremely effective at penetrating the cells of the DNA of these living microorganisms and rendering them unable to reproduce, eliminating any threat of contamination. UVC radiation harnessed at the wavelength of 254 nanometers (nm) is proven to be most effective at air purification and disinfection.


The LightSources Group is continually investing in research and development, bringing first-to-market UV solutions such as for UVC HVAC applications. We offer an extensive product line with custom-designed UV solutions available to meet your unique specifications. Our UVC air purification lamps include:

  • Low Pressure (LP) Amalgam Lamps
  • Medium Pressure (MPUV) Lamps
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Quartz Sleeves

Our LP Amalgam lamps are proven to yield nearly triple the amount of UVC output from comparable lamps of the same length. LP Amalgam lamps produce a consistent output of UVC radiation over a wide temperature range of 4° to 48°C, with higher temperatures achievable with custom-engineered solutions. LP Amalgam lamps are ideal in environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Medium Pressure MPUV lamps provide a powerful UV radiation source which is highly effective in many applications of water and air disinfection processes. Our MPUV germicidal lamps emit broadband UV radiation rather than narrow band, similar to High-Intensity Discharge Lamps. We offer custom-designed electronic ballasts and high quality quartz sleeves.

Our UVC germicidal lamps are manufactured with the latest technology from skilled engineers who possess in-depth expertise in Ultraviolet radiation for germicidal applications.

Advantages of UVC HVAC Lamps from LightSources

You can have confidence in the effectiveness of UVC HVAC solutions for air purification from LightSources as one of the world’s leading experts on UV germicidal solutions. The LightSources Group includes LigthTech in Europe, boasting a large, modern, state-of-the-art glass factory where we conduct continual research and development of patented lamp products that outperform comparable systems. We develop UV lamp technology which provides energy efficiency with long-lasting performance.

Our UVC germicidal lamps provide nearly double the UVC radiation over comparable lamps operating in similar temperatures. Our standard quartz UVC germicidal lamps convert up to 40% electricity into UVC radiation, warming up fast in only thirty to sixty seconds. Our patented spot amalgam technology offers robust filaments that withstand higher current operation.

UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Applications

The LightSources Group offers the most effective UVC germicidal lamps available which are proven highly effective in a multitude of disinfection applications. Our vast resources and in-depth knowledge allow for quick turn-around time with the lowest available cost. Contact us today to learn more about our high performance germicidal lamps including lamps used for air purification in UVC HVAC systems.