UV C Light Bulb Solutions from LightSources

LightSources is recognized as a leading designer and producer of the most effective UV C light bulb, providing UVC germicidal solutions to surface, water and air purification and disinfection systems worldwide.  UVC lamps generate energy within the UV spectrum to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful microorganisms.  By penetrating the nucleic acid of cells, UV radiation alters the DNA of the cells destroying their ability to replicate which renders them harmless.  

A UVC bulb emitting radiation at 254 nanometer (nm) is ideal for maximum germ-killing effectiveness, proven deadly to microorganisms.  UV energy at 185 nm is utilized in an ozone producing UVC lamp which is proven to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air to remove odors.  With the right type of UVC bulb, you can enjoy clean, fresh and odorless air for improved health and well-being.

UV C Light Bulb Design and Specifications

LightSources develops cost-efficient UVC germicidal solutions with options including the perfect UV C light bulb to meet your specifications.  UVC bulbs are typically low pressure and contain mercury which provides the UV radiation necessary to reach optimum wavelength. As the mercury atoms become excited and reach a high energy level, a mercury arc is produced at low pressure.  This mercury arc radiates at a wavelength of 254 nm.

UVC bulbs are filled with either Argon gas or a mixture of rare gases including Argon, Neon and/or other gases depending on the germicidal requirements for your application.  They are constructed similarly to fluorescent lamps and operate the same with a similar discharge device. The lamp body is made of either:

  • VH Glass – pure fused quartz that will transmit both 254 nm and 185 nm
  • L Glass – quartz with Titanium added to block out 185 nm
  • L Glass – made of soft glass formulated to transmit 254 nm

UVC Germicidal lamps lack a phosphor coating on the inner lamp wall for maximum radiation pass through.  The electronic ballast is designed to run on alternating current, AC, as is typical in most applications. If operated on DC, it could be possible to actually view the different sections in the lamp.  When on AC, however, the sections switch positions so quickly it gives the appearance of continuous discharge. UVC bulbs are designated by operating current, rather than by voltage like an incandescent bulb.  The ballast determines the operating voltage, provides enough voltage to break down the rare gas, limits flow through the lamp and may provide heat to the electrodes at the lamp ends.

LightSources offers custom designed UVC lamps and ballast solutions to meet your specifications.  We have developed new platforms which provide higher UV power in smaller units. Increasing power density results in less efficiency, however, when compared to lower powered designs.

LightSources Offers High Performing UVC Bulb Solutions

LightSources invests in continual research and development to provide innovative, first to market lamps and UV C light bulb options.  Most UVC bulbs are Low-Pressure and Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps. The low pressure UVC lamp is similar to the standard fluorescent lamp in construction and operation, although is made with either soda-lime glass or quartz without the phosphate coating to allow UVC radiation to easily pass through.  Medium Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are more similar to an HID, high intensity discharge, lamp as the emission is in a broad band rather than a narrow line.

Our standard UVC germicidal quartz lamps convert up to 40% of electricity into UV radiation and warms up quickly in 30 to 60 seconds.  High output quartz UVC lamps produce nearly double the UVC energy of standard germicidal bulbs with similar ambient temperature limitations.

Low pressure amalgam lamps deliver improved stability with fluctuations in the ambient temperature and are ideal for long term UVC germicidal applications.  LightSources offers spot and pellet amalgam lamps, which contain robust filaments designed to withstand operation at a higher current, although warm up time is increased to three to five minutes.  UVC radiation is proven to be safe and effective in air purification systems, delivering clean, safe and healthy air for improved health and well-being.

UV Germicidal Lamps
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UV Germicidal Applications

LightSources and our strategic partners, LightTech, Cerlux, Voltarc and LCD Lighting, offer the most advanced UVC germicidal technology available in the market today. We design, develop and manufacture high performing, long lasting and cost-efficient UVC bulbs and components.  Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable engineer to learn more about our high performing, long lasting and cost-efficient UV C light bulb.